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Praying For Our City with Greg and Suzanne Winslow

Today, we had a special broadcast to pray for our city. Founders of If My People New England, Greg and Suzanne Winslow, joined Lori for this purpose. They started off discussing the Winslow’s missionary background in Mexico and the impact they made against violence when authorities weren’t intervening. They told us about coming to New Hampshire and pray walks they make in Manchester.

Next, Lori shared some of the tragedies that have occurred in Greater Manchester over the past couple months for the purpose of prayer. They also highlighted the importance of walking in holiness, the Great Commission, the sin of silence, and the power of prayer to invite God into the healing of our city. Listen in and hear more about it!

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The Right to Life, Forgiveness And Alternatives To Abortion

On today’s special broadcast, Greg Winslow from If My People New England and Marc Major, Anchor of It’s A Wonderful Life, joined Lori Lynn Greene to discuss The Right to Life, Forgiveness and Alternatives to Abortion.

They started off talking about laws allowing abortion up until birth, and the break down of support systems for those faced with unwanted pregnancy. Then they shared stories of those who have experienced the pain of abortion and found forgiveness and healing.

Next, They enlightened us about the spiritual aspects of this issue, and shared staggering statistics of convenience abortions. They encouraged us to take responsibility for the unborn, and shared alternatives where support can be found.

They also told us how children are a gift from God and have value. Finally, they prayed for those hurting or facing this difficult decision. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Vaccine Choice With Trisha Fessler

On today’s show, Special Guest Legislative Liaison from Michigan for Vaccine Choice on behalf of her State Representative & State Senator, Trisha Fessler, joined Lori to discuss Vaccine Choice.

They started off talking about how she educates legislators and the general public about vaccines. The conversation continued about vaccine injuries, The National Childhood Vaccine Act, and the increase of vaccine doses after the Act was passed.  Trisha then informed us about unsafe testing methods, and incentives given for doctors to push vaccines.

Next, Trisha told us about the lengthy care her son needed after receiving vaccines, and what she discovered inspired her to advocate and educate people about it. She added about the nasty ingredients in vaccines, easily found on the CDC.Gov website, and the increase of chronic issues. Finally, they talked about the use of animal DNA, forced vaccinations, and Trisha’s Website Wholly Alignment. Listen in and hear more about it!

Responsible Firearm Ownership and Training

On Today’s Personal Safety, Certified NRA & SAFTD Instructor and Board Member of Wilson Hill Pistol Club, Al MacArthur Jr., joined Lori to discuss Responsible Firearm Ownership and Training. They started off talking about necessary skills of firearm training, and Al told us what we see on television and in movies is not the right way to use firearms. He shared about teacher training, but also said that guns are not for everyone since they may not want the responsibility.

Next, they discussed how to stop a threat, and how we should never want to take a person’s life. He urged us to put our cell phones down, pay attention, and have more situational awareness. Then he took us through different levels of defense before using a firearm. Al also highlighted ways he trains people who have never touched a gun, the importance of them being open to learn, and the misunderstandings about basic safety people have as new gun owners. Listen in and hear more about it!

Women’s Empowerment with Christine Sorice

On today’s Personal Safety, Assistant Instructor of Women’s Empowerment Program at Manchester Gracie Jiu Jistsu, Christine Sorice, joined Lori to discuss aspects of the Program.

They started off talking about how Christine got involved with the program, how she learned to defend herself, and the confidence gained from it. They continued with statistics of women being sexually assaulted each year. Then Christine encouraged us that we can all learn to defend ourselves.

Next, they highlighted techniques of the program, and the mindset needed to be strong and able to confront a perpetrator when necessary. Also, how a perpetrator selects their victims, and how to avoid situations.  They touched on the history of the Gracie technique, the mental, emotional and physical aspects of defense, and the importance of finding balance and asking for help.  Finally, Christine told us about he Triangle of Victimization and the 4 Phases to take with strangers. Listen in and hear more about it!


Thanksgiving with The Greene Family 2017

On today’s show, Lori’s family joined her for a special Thanksgiving Day broadcast. Lori  started off talking about  how Thanksgiving can be a reminder of how blessed we really are. Then the whole crew took turns sharing family memories about one another. First Dave (Dad). Lori mentioned the 35 years of Thanksgivings she’s had with him. Then they shared about David (Alex), Kiana, Ben, Kailey, and last but not least, Lori (Mom).

Next, they talked about how they’ve made a wonderful life together, how it hasn’t always been easy, but how rich they are in what matters. They also told us about the privilege it’s been having people at their home throughout the years who needed a place to stay or just company. Lori encouraged those who have lost loved ones to reflect on the good things. She also warned us not to think of Thanksgiving as a day, but to treat people as if it were the last time we would have a chance to love them. Finally, Dave said his thanks for those in the armed services. Listen in and hear more about it.

God Is For You With Thad Riley

On today’s In It Together, Author, Thad Riley joined Lori to talk about his book, God is For You. They started off talking about how he never thought about being a writer when he started posting on social media. He then told us about his first devotional book, 25 Days with Jesus: A Christmas Devotional, and how he’s improved as a writer. He added how most writers want to write, but they don’t want to do the work.

Next, they discussed Thad’s high-school years, being overweight, and training to run a 1/2 marathon. Even more moving, was how his friend, The Alaskan, helped him finish the race, paralleling the idea to how Jesus helps us on our journey. He also told us about his struggles with disappointment, losing his reputation, friends, and ministry though a painful divorce.

Finally, Thad talked about how the book was deeply rooted in the life of Jesus. He called it hopeful and broken. Listen in and hear more about it.

Scott Hornung – Training The Brain To Understand Violence

On today’s Personal Safety, 4th degree black belt and chief instructor of mixed martial arts, Scott Hornung, joined Lori to talk about the importance of training the brain to understand violence. They started off talking about his previous New Hampshire martial arts academy, and the women’s programs he was involved with. Scott told us about his extensive training, and shared how he learned to combine the arts to create his programs.

Scott then told about some of his inspirations from martial arts. Also, about being a victim of violence and bullying as a child. He told us how he encourages his students to stay humble and be open to different perspectives. Lori and Scott both shared stories about their own children’s training with Scott, and examples of how they avoided violence themselves.

Next, Scott shared his interest in case studies that help him with his training. He also highlighted situational awareness scenarios, and introduced us to the Crime Triangle to help illustrate what we might look for in potential threatening situations. He then explained the types of violence and types of predators, along with the four second rule he uses. Scott then announced that he was in the process of developing start-up business called ThreatAware, which will use his passion and experience in mixed martial arts to help people train their brain about violence. Finally, he offered some valuable resources by  Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller, and Jeff Jacoby  Listen in and hear more about it.