Savannah of Roca Kidz Club

(Segment One) savannah claverJenn Hebert joined us with 17-year-old Savannah Claver to talk about volunteer work in the inner city through Roca Kidz Club. They discussed the family life and culture of youth in the city before Savannah shared personal stories of transformation. Tune in to hear more of what’s happening with youth in the city!
*Note: Due to technical difficulties part of the audio archive was clipped in the middle.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Roca Kidz Club

1383508_660661543964864_1482022431_nJenn Hebert, of Roca Kidz Club, joined us in the Come Together segment. Jenn told us about her mission to the community, dreaming with Lori about their belief that they can change the world.  They discussed different ways in which Jenn and her family have given back to the community.

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