The Hilarity and Need of Being Child-Like

On today’s In It Together, Lydia O’Leary guest hosted and kicked off Samaritan Truth. She started off talking about including kids in church services to help with their training. Adam Small chimed in about his experiences as a Sunday School teacher, telling us it’s not just babysitting. He also shared how creative he was in reaching young minds with spiritual truths.

Then, Torri Hawkes joined the conversation to tell us about her adventures as a teacher. Lisa Wentworth Couture called in and said, “Children are the purest example of God’s love”. Lydia added how we can become more self-conscious as we grow up, but Scripture encourages us to be child-like.

Next, Lydia invited people to call in with their  funny kid stories, while Torri hawkes told us about her childhood experiences in school, and how she realizes what a good role model her teacher, and how it helped her  as a teacher. Torri’s mom, Jamie Hawkes, called in to tell us about Torri’s gift with children. She also shared a funny story about Torri’s childhood. Listen in and hear more about it.

Don’t Grow Wearing in Doing Good

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary joined Lori to talk about not growing wearing in doing good. They started off taking about helping to restore others who have fallen into sin. Lyda shared a quote from Facing The Giants, “We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions.” The  conversation continued abut how conflicts happen, and being careful not to compare our call from someone else.

Next, they discussed the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10,  about loving God and loving your neighbor.  “Who is my neighbor?”, asked Lydia. She added that there’s something stronger within us that carries us through difficulty in loving someone who doesn’t care. She also confessed how heartbreaking it can be, and how she sometimes asks why it ends up the way it does.

Other thoughts from Scripture were shared to help us navigate through the pain, and learning to speak the answer. Also, how God gives grace for what he asks of us. Finally, Lydia then shared some of her struggle, and a couple callers added insight about motives and seeing the bigger picture. Listen in and hear more about it.

Timeless Truth From Watchman Nee’s Sit, Walk, Stand

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary and Adam Small joined Lori to discuss Watchman Nee’s book Sit, Walk, Stand. They started off talking about how Nee spent his last twenty years in prison. They expounded where he spoke of “Putting right the matters that hindered his effectiveness.”

Next, they discussed the importance of “Sitting” in God’s rest, and not exerting self effort, but learning to live in Christ. They pointed out that it is by an outworking of the Spirit that we can begin to “Walk” in God’s purposes and plans. The analogy of a diet vs a lifestyle of being healthy was discussed to further illustrate how this unfolds. They also talked about living from the finished work of Jesus, and not trying to work for a life.

The conversation then highlighted how to “Stand” before enemies instead of wrestling against people, because we’re really dealing with principalities and powers of darkness. The then talked about how some people believe lies and act them out unknowingly. Finally, another analogy was shared about the kingdom of Camelot to illustrate how we have already won, and now we are just keeping what we have.  Listen in and hear more about it.

Our Mission Field Is Where God Has Us

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary, Adam Small, and special guest Melissa Cobin, joined Lori to talk about how God transforms us to be an encouragement to others. They started off talking about how our mission field to love people is wherever God has us. They added that we don’t have to be like anyone else. They also shared the difference between a missions trip and the every day walk with God.

Melissa joined the conversation to tell us how God uses her as a hair stylist, and how personal this can be for people. She told us how listening to what people want gives her opportunities to offer her professional recommendations. They continued talking about how important it is to be kind and caring more than being overly religious.

Melissa then shared some of her story of overcoming addiction, and how God transformed her life when she almost lost her son. Adam chimed in and told us how he met Melissa before God changed her. He then encouraged her about the changes he sees her life. Listen in and hear more about it.




Personality Tests, Divine Appointments And Passion In God

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary kicked off the show with Lori. They started off talking about personality tests and emotional stability. They also discussed how these tests reveal our natural tendencies. Lydia told us how important it is to be honest with ourselves about where we are, so God can change us. Lydia also encouraged us not to think too highly of ourselves.

Next Julie Stewart Valdes joined he conversation to share about a divine appointment in Dunkin Donuts. She wasn’t normally there, but ended up meeting a woman who noticed what she was reading. A conversation started and Julie ended up praying for her.

Julie then told us to have the mindset God is walking with us. She added how we need to consciously choose not to partner with negativity, but have passion in God. Listen in and hear more about it.

Natural and Supernatural Dynamics Of A Large Family

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary was on assignment, so Adam Small guest anchored the show. Adam invited special guest, David Small to talk about the dynamics of a large family. They started off talking about what it was like growing up in this unique environment, learning to resolve conflicts and helping each other face challenges. Also, Lisa Wentworth Couture called to share about Adam’s ability take charge.

Next, the conversation turned to family dynamics and birth order. Mostly, how roles change from natural to supernatural, depending on who is hearing from God. Adam added “We don’t follow people, but we follow God”, to illustrate a time when his younger brother David helped him through a challenging time.

Both Adam and David agreed that they learned a lot about being a servant from their mom. She called in and graced us with some insight about the special relationship of first born children and her other children. The question of what helped or hindered these guys in the real world after growing up in a large family was highlighted. Finally, Kathleen Axford called in with kind words about the show, and to encourage the guys. Listen in and hear more about it!


The Language of Love Vs Christianese

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Lydia O’Leary and Adam Small joined Lori on the show. They started off talking about being more aware of what we’re saying. Lydia told us how Paul in Scripture didn’t come with flowery words, but with Holy Spirit power. Lisa Wentworth Couture called in to share some bumper stickers: “God is my co-pilot”, and “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” to prove a point of silly things we say.

Next, the discussion was about truly engaging people, instead of giving pat answers. Also, the importance of saying what we mean. Lydia and Adam then shared some funny one-liners about being over-saved, from comedian, Michael Jr.

Then Melissa Langlois called in and shared how God wants us to be individual with people and not fake. Lori added how speaking the language of love where everyone understands. Listen in and hear more about it.


Southern Accents And An Intentional God

On today’s Samaritan Truth, Guest Host, Lydia O’Leary and Adam Small, had a southern accent contest with several callers playing along. Adam started off telling us about God’s amazing love. Then Lydia added how God’s love doesn’t change.

Stephanie Drusendahl joined the conversation to share some of her story growing up in a Christian family, then becoming a drug addict. She told us how she OD’d ten times last year. Then a friend messaged her to help her. She added how she still manipulated and lied to get out of detox early, and found herself homeless.

Lydia filled us in on how Stephanie was invited to their church, and how they had been praying for her already. She talked about laying a foundation so we can finish building, and the conversation continued about how God has an intentional and personal approach to each one of us. Finally, Adam told us how his life changed after his decision to move into the O’Leary house. Listen in and hear more about it.