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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

This segment invites listeners into a conversation of practical wisdom about faith and family. Marnie will share personal stories and things she’s learned from her life and those she’s helped through difficult times.

A Word in Season, Being Committed And Focused

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to discuss a word in season, being committed and focused. They started off talking about today being a new day, resetting and choosing to do things differently. Marnie highlighted the difference between trying and changing, and also shared how we can’t do it alone. She continued telling us about her 5th year of gathering women for their Word in Season. She expounded on their conversation, giving an analogy about getting off balance. Then told us the importance of focus.

Next, the ladies discussed the difference between being a civilian or being enlisted, and the discipline required to submit to God;s leadership in our lives. They added how it takes humility, being ready, not just getting ready, and honoring our relationships with God and others. Finally, Marnie encouraged us to consider what our word in season might be for the new year, and choosing to have a better, more focused year. Listen in and hear more about it.

Being Fearless Against The Enemy

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm joined Lori to discuss being fearless against the enemy. They started off talking about after Christmas blues that come after a celebration, and we have a let down. We may be tired out and regret how things went. This opens the door to the enemy as we lose our praise and gratitude. Marnie told us about someone who was troubled with fear, as if having a bulls eye on her back.

Next, they talked about how we are a threat to the enemy, our breaking points and what to do at our weakness. They then shared scriptures to highlight how to triumph over the enemy, and how to prepare ourselves in desperate times. They continued sharing the importance of not being alone, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest to get help from a trusted friend. But also, not to focus on the problem as much as what God says. Finally, Marnie told us we don’t need to be afraid of the enemy. He doesn’t have random access in our lives. Listen in and hear more about it.

In It Together Christmas 2017

On today’s special Christmas broadcast, the entire In It Together family joined Lori. Anchors, Marnie Wells of Musings with Marnie, Jen Lever of Recovery Now, Marc Major of It’s A Wonderful life, Bob Boilard of Personal Safety and Ron Moore Jr. of Storm Chasing, joined Lori to celebrate Christmas.

Marnie started us off talking about choosing joy and peace for our day. She also encouraged us with the classic Christmas Carol story. Jen chimed in and Lori announced this being there 100th time on air together. They reminisced about how much they learned together to help families dealing with addiction, and Jen’s desire to bring comfort in difficulty. They determined that the running theme of In It Together is about giving back.

Next, Lori shared how this was Bob’s 78th time on air with her, as she highlighted his heart to keep people safe. Bob told us about his involvement in suicide prevention with New Hampshire Firearms Safety coalition, and why it’s important in the Holiday season. Marc joined the conversation as the It’s A Wonderful Life anchor. He shared his thoughts of the perfect gift God gave us all. Last but not least, Lori told us Ron has been on on air 96 times. Ron told us Christmas is year round, and added how he grew up in a home of big dreamers, and how it is good to be with like-minded people who want to change the world. Finally, Lori told us about her surprise gift for her family. Listen in and hear more about it.


Finding Peace

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to talk about finding peace. They started off telling us that life isn’t like Hallmark movies, reality can be difficult, but we need to guard our peace. Marnie told us we have to choose peace, and Lori shared how what we allow will continue.

They continued with Scriptures about God’s peace that can rule in our hearts, to change us from the inside out. Then how God keeps us in peace as our minds are focused on Him. Also, how peace helps us see from God’s perspective, that we are not helpless, and how Jesus offers us a peace that the world doesn’t have. Finally, how God’s peace overrides fear and anxiety, and gives us confidence. Listen in and hear more about it.

Cultivating Joy From The True Vine

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to share about cultivating joy from the True Vine. They started off talking about how Marnie’s garden needs to be cultivated with courage. She told us the supernatural work is already done, and we choose joy by faith. They continued about being prepared ahead of time so we don’t lose our joy, and the daily habits that make us aware of hos close God is to us.

Next, Marnie told us three things we need to do: slow down, stop and choose joy. They expounded how joy is a lifestyle connected to God, and like a garden, it needs planning and planting in a controlled environment. Marnie told us old patterns need to give way for new growth, then she read about our connection with the true vine and surrendering to God. Lori added that we have to receive a truth that is greater than our current understanding. Finally, Marnie told us that Jesus finished a work that we get to learn to walk in. Listen in and hear more about it.

The Beauty of Discipline

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to talk about he beauty of discipline. They started off talking about the negative results we can have from living an undisciplined life. They told us “It’s all about perspective”, and that we all crave discipline. Also, that discipline is a fruit of the Spirit and the evidence of love. They then mentioned how we’re all reproducing ourselves and discipline takes practice.

Next, Marnie gave the example of boot camp training, and they discussed how it saves lives. Then Marnie shared a Musing blog she wrote about the retirement mentality of not having to be disciplined anymore. They added about the regret of being undisciplined and time wasted. Finally, Marnie encouraged us to look at our lives and ask how we’re doing in the area of discipline. Listen in and hear more about it.

Expectant And Confident Faith For Our Future Home

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to talk about expectant and confident faith for our future home. They started off talking about how we want our homes secure, what God’s Word says about it, and being ready to move on a moments notice. The conversation continued about the fathers of the faith, how they waited expectantly and confidently for God, how they trusted God, and our choice to trust him.

Next, they touched on how the Israelite’s were delivered, how they complained, and how the ten spies saw the Promised Land, but only two believed the Word of the Lord. Marnie told us life is hard for everyone, but God is doing something in us to prepare us for our future home. She read us one of her blogs, and told us earth is not our home. Finally, she shared from 2 Corinthians 4 and 5 to encourage us about an eternal home in heaven. Listen in and hear more about it.

Dealing With Difficult People

On today’s Musings with Marnie, Marnie Wells, from Gilead’s Balm, joined Lori to talk about dealing with difficult people. They started off talking about being willing look at ourselves first, and be willing to find someone we trust for honest feedback. She then gave an analogy about a man on a deserted island who didn’t have to deal with people at all.

Next, they discussed finding out why we’re not getting along, whether due to poor health or spiritual reasons. Marnie then encouraged us to know ourselves and live peaceably with everyone. They then told us not to overlook the power of prayer, but also how not to offend others or be offended. Marnie boldly said “we need to get out of our own little Christian box”. Lori highlighted the benefit of dealing with difficult people, and the fruit of growing up spiritually.

Finally, they talked about being mature, being wise when we deal with difficult people, and being humble in our responses. Listen in and hear more about it.