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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Anita Perry is the Founder of City Prayer, actively involved in numerous organizations within the community as a prayer missionary. She devotes her time to helping people understand they don’t have to face life’s circumstances alone.

Power of a Dream

(Segment One) Anita told us about some good news that came from a listener of In It Together at the beginning of Never Alone.  She then introduced her guest Bethanee Syversen who shared about her difficulty with having children. (Segment Two) Bethanee continued where she left off with her story.  She went over a lot of […]

The Gift of Grace

Lori and Lynn spoke this morning to City Prayer founder Anita Perry for Never Alone.  They detailed the need for God and  introduced Lydia O’Leary to the listeners.  She spoke about the innate desire for something more in life and shared that God is that which they need.  They talked about emotional maturity, the gift […]

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Lori and Lynn were joined by Anita Perry, Founder of City Prayer, this morning for the Never Alone segment.  They shared that we are uniquely made, before delving into the subjects of praying, believing and speaking.  They spoke about a renewing of the mind, an Olympic-level testimony, healing and more.  Tune in and be blessed! […]

Kingdom Life

Lori and Lynn spoke to City Prayer founder Anita Perry about upcoming events, hosted by the Ginger House of Prayer, for the Never Alone segment.  They then introduced Dena Stahlheber, who shared about God’s desire for you to enjoy life.  She talked about business life from the Kingdom perspective and more.  Tune in to get all […]

Living Without Regrets

Lori and Lynn talked to Anita Perry for the Never Alone segment.  They spoke about not following the influence of fear, but instead allowing God to direct our lives.  They then introduced Anita’s guest, her daughter Laura Clinton of the Zeal Movement church.  Laura talked about living real and without regrets.  She pointed out the […]