Responsible Firearm Ownership and Training

On Today’s Personal Safety, Certified NRA & SAFTD Instructor and Board Member of Wilson Hill Pistol Club, Al MacArthur Jr., joined Lori to discuss Responsible Firearm Ownership and Training. They started off talking about necessary skills of firearm training, and Al told us what we see on television and in movies is not the right way to use firearms. He shared about teacher training, but also said that guns are not for everyone since they may not want the responsibility.

Next, they discussed how to stop a threat, and how we should never want to take a person’s life. He urged us to put our cell phones down, pay attention, and have more situational awareness. Then he took us through different levels of defense before using a firearm. Al also highlighted ways he trains people who have never touched a gun, the importance of them being open to learn, and the misunderstandings about basic safety people have as new gun owners. Listen in and hear more about it!

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