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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

This segment takes a Wholistic view of health and wellness being more than just diet and exercise. Lori will share from the five different aspects of health and wellness: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Mental, and how they work together. Listeners can expect to be encouraged to live with more peace, joy, and health in the journey.

Jeff Johnson Fitness

On today’s show, Jeff Johnson from Jeff Johnson Fitness, joined Lori to tell us about this journey in fitness. They started off talking about the aspects of fitness. Jeff told us “we are meant to move.” Then he shared his involvement in high school and college sports, and the computer desk job he couldn’t stand […]

Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

We were joined this morning by Jenn Hebert in Champions for Wellness.  Jenn talked to Lynn and Lori about how we sleep.  We heard about sleep deprivation techniques, consequences of sleep deprivation,  and more.  Lori shared with us some personal experiences with the issue.  They spoke about the effect of your environment as well.  Tune […]