Jeff Johnson Fitness

On today’s show, Jeff Johnson from Jeff Johnson Fitness, joined Lori to tell us about this journey in fitness. They started off talking about the aspects of fitness. Jeff told us “we are meant to move.” Then he shared his involvement in high school and college sports, and the computer desk job he couldn’t stand before he found his passion for helping people be fit. he shared how he and his wife owned three Curves for Women prior to becoming certified as a personal trainer.

Next, the conversation highlighted Jeff’s multiple certifications, the opportunity he had to record videos for Beach Body in LA, and how he now trains the trainers. They continued about taking risks, having faith, and taking baby steps toward your fitness goals. Finally, Jeff shared a few success stories from some of his clients, and told us the various reasons people work with a personal trainer.

Laughter: A Gift from God

Alex and JennJenn Hebert joined us this morning for Champions for Wellness.  Jenn started by talking to us about Roca Kidz Club.  She talked about laughter and reminded the listeners that laughter is an amazing gift from God.  Tune in for a great opportunity to laugh.  “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”


Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

Jenn HebertWe were joined this morning by Jenn Hebert in Champions for Wellness.  Jenn talked to Lynn and Lori about how we sleep.  We heard about sleep deprivation techniques, consequences of sleep deprivation,  and more.  Lori shared with us some personal experiences with the issue.  They spoke about the effect of your environment as well.  Tune in to hear all about it.

Finding Success in Failure

Jenn HebertWe were joined this morning by Jenn Hebert for Champions for Wellness.  Jenn started by talking about some changes that she made in her life.  She talked about failures and pointed out that the real failure is not learning from your failures.  “Giving up makes us feel like a failure, and when we do that it affects all the other areas of our life,” Lori shared.  They also talked about knowing when to make a shift in your life.

Mike Gardner and The Fit Furness

Mike and Jenn(Segment One) We were joined by Jenn Hebert for Champions for Wellness this morning.  She introduced us to her guest Mike Gardner of The Fit Furness.  He told us about how he got into fitness in the first place.  He then gave us some tips on easy ways to start your fitness journey.  Finally, Lori cautioned her listeners against sugar.

(Segment Two) Mike talked to us more about child obesity in this segment.  He spoke to us about the importance of movement.  He also pointed out the impact of what you are eating and gave tips about healthy eating.

Alternate Benefits of Exercise

Mike and JennWe were joined this morning by Jenn Hebert for Champions for Wellness.  She introduced us to Pastor Mike Goff, who she exercises with.  They spoke about the change that comes with better fitness.  “When I started working out other areas in my life just became so disciplined,” Mike shared with us.  Tune in to hear more.