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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Jennifer Lever has a passion for helping families who have been touched with addiction, because her own family understands this struggle. She will help listeners recognized the subtle signs of addiction to offer recovery alternatives as she invites guests who are involved in local recovery efforts.

The Good News For Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to share The Good News For Recovery. They started off in remembrance of the late Jason Hart. They highlighted two kingdoms, but told us the kingdom of God is where recovery is possible. Jen added how Jesus made things right for us and we can receive it to recover our life.

Next, they pointed out how the enemy tries to make us think we don’t have what God died for us to have. Also, how most of our problems are an identity crisis, but a revelation of what Jesus finished for us changes things. They then encouraged us not to try to help ourselves, but receive the free gift of righteousness.

They remembered Christians who died in the Sri Lanka church bombings, and made us aware that Christianity is being attacked. Finally, they encouraged us how to pray for loved ones dealing with addiction. Listen in and hear more about it!

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No More Shame With Robert Murphy

Today, on Recovery Now, Officer Robert Murphy joined Lori and Jen to tell us how he has No More Shame since God helped him recover from alcohol and drugs. They started off talking about his early days of feeling disconnected and not knowing who he was. He added how he didn’t have purpose or direction in his life, but God saved him from the vicious cycle. He also told us about his wife’s courage that helped him realize he didn’t want the addicts life anymore.

Next, He shared about the struggle he had dealing with shame and regret, but then he read there was no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. He testified about how he started to believe God in faith when he asked God a revelation of how close he was. Then he had a vision of Jesus. Finally, he told us how he helps the homeless in the railroad tracks instead of arresting them. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Finding Peace For Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to discuss Finding Peace For Recovery. They started off talking about our internal world, and how the truth sets us free. Jen told us how God gave her peace through her son’s addiction, and the process of change that happened. She encouraged us how not to be affected by circumstances and allow God helps us from the inside out.

Next, they encouraged us how good fruit is produced in us, and how predisposition to addiction comes from adverse childhood experiences. The then told us how to handling adversity and resolving conflict isn’t always learned. Finally, Jen told us how she helped her son deal with anxiety, and how he found recovery. Listen in an hear more about it!

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Recovery and Restoration Stories with Jen Lever

Today, on Recovey Now Jen Lever joined Lori to discuss recovery stories. They talked about Jen’s son’s eleven year battle with addiction, and how she struggled to find help. They added how the stigmas surrounding addiction, and the paralyzing fear loved ones can go through. They then talked about how the Recovery Now segments started when there wasn’t anything else to help in this way.

Next, Jen encourage does to watch a documentary based in Seattle about the homeless connection with addiction. She added how knowing God’s love is a big part of recovery, and how it saved her son and restored his family. They shared the powerful miracles as they prayed for him to recover. Finally, they told us we’re not helpless or alone, but someone needs to agree with what God said, because the truth sets people free. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Brian Mohika’s Recovery Story

Today on Recovery Now, Brian Mohika joined Lori and Jennifer Lever to share his recovery story. Brian started off telling us how he was living a double life, and how alcohol and cocaine almost destroyed his life. He told us how it was like a vacuum until he encountered Jesus.

Next, they talked about a joy that remains in the Lord, and how the world twists things. Also, how we’re designed to be addicted, but not to a substance or anything but God. They continued about how Brian gives back with an invention God gave him and ministry. Listen in and hear more about it!

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New Hampshire Churches Helping With Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen lever from Recovery Now joined Lori to discuss New Hampshire Churches Helping With Recovery. They started off talking about the success rate of the faith-based community, and how The Good Samaritan Network is reaching churches for this crisis and be more effective helping their members.

Next, they highlighted the importance of knowing your true identity, dealing with fear, strongholds, and have relationship with God and the freeing truth of his word. Jen told us how she helps as a recovery coordinator, offering resources and sharing from what she learned as a recovered family. Finally, they told us about the power of God’s love and forgiveness. Listen in and hear more about it!

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The Supernatural Solution To Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now, joined Lori to discuss The Supernatural Solution To Recovery. They started off talking about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how it connects to addiction. They continued talking about how science reveals what God has already provided us for recovery of the brain after addiction.

Next, The conversation highlighted healing the brain, medication to help in recovery, and the supernatural love of God that overrides the natural for full recovery. They then shared listener comments, and Jen gave a testimony of how she helped someone see the power of God’s love that changed their life. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Recover Your Life With Evangelist Anthony Greve

Today, on Recovery Now, Evangelist Anthony Greve joined Lori to share about his story of joining a rock band. He told us he looked up to the band members and started touring as a musician. He then shared how he got into a party lifestyle of darkness. It started fun, but became a bondage when he couldn’t stop, and they added how Christian recovery has a larger rate of success because they deal with the spirit of a person.

Next, They added how being born again makes us a new creation, and how a renewed spirit helps us see sin. Lori shared how she came to know God, and how it’s about realizing we have a need beyond our natural ability. Finally, Anthony told us how he now travels to minister to people. Listen in and hear more about it!

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