Gender Identity, Conversion Therapy and Influence

On today’s Justice For All, Josh and Lori started off talking about Josh’s recent trip to Washington, DC, where he made some divine connections with people of influence. Josh told us about how God opened opportunities for him to realize his dreams. The conversation turned to 7 spheres or mountains of influence in society, and how everyone has influence on at least one.

Next, Josh told us his desire to bring hope to others disappointed with not reaching their dreams. He also told us about two bills on Transgender Bathrooms and Conversion Therapy, and the concerns surrounding them, specifically the harm if its conflicting language.

Listen in and hear more abut it!

Day Care Licensing Overrgulated

On today’s Justice for all, Josh Moore was in Session in Concord. Sitting in for the show was, Jennifer Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers Childcare and Preschool, and Lisa Schroder or Alpha-Bits Learning Center.

They started off talking about the stringent professional development requirements for day care providers. They also mentioned the new 150 page rule recommendations coming out, and how day care providers are troubled with not being able to make common sense decisions without having to ask permission.

Many of these providers are afraid to speak up for fear of being targeted  by DHHS during nit picky inspections. Jen and Lisa shared stories about their personal experiences with this. They agreed that often times it feels like they are being bullied when their infractions are discovered posted on the DHHS website without being told, and long after their inspection.

The conversation continued about how Block Grants threaten funding. Their goal is not to stir up trouble, but to come to an agreement for DHHS and inspectors to be accountable so providers have a say in the process before regulations are implemented. They’re asking other day care providers for Impact Statements to present to legislators. Listen in and hear more about it.


Right To Work, Constitutional Carry and SCOTUS Nominee

On today’s Justice For All, Josh and Lori started off talking about Right To Work legislation. They defined the bill and how it would prevent workers from being forced to pay union dues in order to gain employment. They shared one argument on the idea behind the legislation was to draw more business to the state, and the various organizations who fund legislation from outside of the state. They then shared statistics to about manufacturing jobs the state has been losing, compared the subject to Prohibition and declared people have the right to work with the freedom not to pay union dues.

The subject of Constitutional Carry came up, as Josh explained we already have a week long background check process to go through. He felt they current licensing was. not only unconstitutional, but added unnecessary process. Lynn Nadeau, a firearms instructor with Defensive Strategies called in to tell us about the origins of NH Conceal Carry. She told us it was to prevent immigrants from  owning firearms, and that was discriminatory in nature.

Finally, Josh and Lori discussed the recent SCOTUS Nominee by President Donald Trump. He would replace recently deceased Justice Scalia. Lori read part of Neil Gorsuch’s appointment acceptance speech. then Josh talked about the Judicial Branch’s responsibilities. Listen in and hear more about it!


Education Appointments And Executive Orders

On today’s Justice For All Josh and Lori talked about some education bills and the bureaucracy of appointed officials. Josh shared how he doesn’t think appointments should happen. The conversation continued about the Constitution being the foundation of government decisions, and how there isn’t always accountability.  They discussed how the current “System” of government doesn’t always uphold the “Constitution”.

The recent hearing about Free Speech on campuses came up, and Josh shared how UNH came out against it. Students being kicked out of class or being arrested has become a problem. UNH’s argument was that there might be safety concerns. Understandable, in light of recent anarchist’s riots, and the inability for some people to know the difference between those and peaceful protests that result in destruction of property.

They continued with the Frank Edelblut being a candidate for the Education Commissioner appointment, and shared why they thought his qualifications would be beneficial. Finally, the talked about Presidential Executive Orders throughout history, and how current long-standing issues have been polarized in recent years. Listen in and hear more about it!

Education Bills and Bridging Cultural Divides

On Today’s Justice For All, Josh and Lori started off talking about Josh’s cruise adventures. The conversation shifted to the legislative sessions that began on Tuesday. Josh shared his education committee involvements, and the important testimonies on education bills HB207 and HB103. They contemplated over who was responsible to educated our children, parents or schools.

Josh shared the true meaning of Separation Of Church and State, and then gave a little history of the architect of the First Amendment, Fisher Ames. The continued discussing Martin Luther King Jr.’s overlooked perspectives, the importance of understanding cultural mindsets, and bridging cultural divides.

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Campaign Finance and Government Accountability

Today on Justice For All, Caleb Q Dyer, State Representative from Pelham and Hudson joined Lori while Josh Moore was on assignment. They started the conversation talking about how Caleb got into politics, and his pledge to his constituents.

The discussion continued about campaign finance and government accountability, and how disclosure is essential to knowing who is influencing elections. Caleb then shared how the Foundling Fathers never mentioned anything about the subject in the Constitution, assuming the first amendment was enough.

Finally, Caleb shared his thoughts about how money is part of free speech, and he gave examples of personal choice. Listen in and hear more about it!

Unalienable Rights vs. Inalienable Rights

On today’s Justice for All Lori and Josh discussed the difference between “Unalienable Rights” and “Inalienable Rights.” They also talked about the Founding Father difference in wording about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They then contrasted England’s early history to control people’s rights vs. America’s Constitutional rights.
Caleb Dyer, state representative from Hudson, NH, called in to join the conversation to help differentiate how rights have various levels. He mentioned the Kent State Massacre of the 70’s and disputed Bernie Sander’s belief that healthcare was a universal right as being unconstitutional.
Finally, there was mention of internet coups, choosing not to participate in government systems and the laws that remove personal choice. Listen in to hear more about it!

Political Transitions and Helping The Poor

Lori & Josh kicked off today’s Justice for All talking about the work of a legislator to serve their constituents. They also discussed having accountability within their 2 year term to be re-elected.

Josh then shared about the appointees to the new Trump transition team. Lori  read about best practices from the Presidential Transition Guide, expounding on how important and difficult this process can be. 

They discussed a recent question asking about the perspective of the Founding Fathers vs Jesus perspective, especially when it comes to helping the poor. “The church is responsible to help poor”, Lori said.

Finally, Josh talked about new Republican leadership team in Concord, and working together to serve all the people.