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Sales Industry Changes with Douglas Martin

Today, Professional Sales Leader and all around Happy Guy, Douglas Martin joins Lori to discuss Sales Industry Changes. Doug started off telling us how he stopped cars dressed in a police costume to sell lemonade when he was a kid. He also told us what it takes to be good at sales, and how sales is changing because buyers are changing.

Next, they highlighted in-person communication, decision-makers, building trust and ethical practices. They continued talking about the importance of projecting changes in the industry, win win relationships, and a new product Doug found to sell. Listen in and hear more about it!

Pastor Rafael Cruz, 1269 Cafe’, NH

We were invited to broadcast live at 1269 Cafe’ to hear Pastor Rafael Cruz talk about America being the greatest nation in the world.  Listen, enjoy, and leave a comment! See pictures below!

The views expressed by the speaker are not necessarily the views of this station, nor is this broadcast an endorsement for any particular political candidate, although mentioned by various speakers.


Lori and Chris

Lori and Chris

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Pic-1&2 Lori Lynn Greene & Chris Garndner, Pic -3 Senator Bob Smith, Pi-4 Jeff Boutin, Pic-5&6 Pastor Rafael Cruz.