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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Steve Gamlin takes his public speaking blend of humor and motivation to the airwaves in this engaging, real look at what really matters. He’ll share WHY people do what they do.

Celebrating Small Victories With Steve Gamlin

On Today’s show, Speaker, Author and Philanthropist, Steve Gamlin, joined Lori to discuss Celebrating Small Victories. They started off talking about Lori’s recent challenges and how important it is to celebrate progress. Then they talked about the many hats Steve wears, the importance of being real, and not falling into the trap of deitizing famous people.

Next, they shared how to reward yourself in proportion to your victories. Steve gave examples and told us not to feel bad about celebrating along your journey. They expounded about the joy of celebrating with other people in our life, and the need for connections. Finally, they encouraged us not to wait to celebrate when big things happen. Listen in and hear more about it.


Gratitude Goals for The New year

On today’s show, Motivational Speaker, Author and Philanthropist, Steve Gamlin, joined Lori to talk about gratitude goals for the new year. They started off talking about finding what we really want, writing it down and knowing why. They debunked the typical new years resolution concept and highlighted a more meaningful way to increase what we want more of in our life. Steve then shared about helping homeless veterans and investing in things we care about.

Next, the conversation turned to focusing on our gratitude goals for the new year. Steve encouraged us to ask ourselves what our favorite three things of the day were so we could journal them. They also talked about learning how we succeed, how it’s not random and requires an element of faith. Finally, Steve told us about his commitment to last years workouts, being committed to his habit and the community that helped him succeed. Listen in and hear more about it.

Gratitude, Visualization, and Second Half Superstars With Steve Gamlin

On Today’s In It Together, Motivational Speaker, Author and Philanthropist, Steve Gamlin joined Lori to talk about Gratitude, Visualization, and Second Half Superstars. They started off talking about the importance of keeping a gratitude journal, and not making life common. They then talked about what we overcome, what we learn and what we do with our time. Also, how humility is needed to be grateful, and not the same as being a doormat.

Next, the discussion turned to visualization. Steve prompted Lori to visualize a goal and encouraged us to post pictures around us as reminders what we want. Lori then shared about a time she didn’t know what she wanted, and how she learned to connect with her goals to realize them. They further discussed the importance of giving and why not to make everything about ourselves.

Finally, Steve told us about how some people reward superstars, and how he likes to encourage people for improving. They also talked about being careful not to coast when going after our goals so we don’t lose momentum. Finally, they shared how we’re not competing with anyone but ourselves, and being okay with our personal best. Listen in and hear more about it!

Going Through Detours and the Half-Way Why

Lori and AnitaLori and Lynn talked to Anita Perry about detours this morning for the Never Alone segment.  Lori spoke about a growth in relationship with God and they discussed having an intimate relationship with Jesus.  They shared about going through detours and pointed out the need for each other.  Motivational speaker Steve Gamlin then came to the microphone to talk about a half-way “why” for Engaging Your Why.  Tune in to hear more from this funny segment.

The Zeal Movement and Finding Your Superpower

Jesse and AnitaLori spoke to Anita Perry and her guest Jesse Clinton, Pastor of The Zeal Movement, for Never Alone.  He talked about the origin of his church and spoke about our design.  We heard about God’s zeal for the world and Jesse advised the listeners to live their passion.  We then heard from Motivational guru Steve Gamlin for Engaging Your Why.  He talked about finding your superpower.  Tune in to hear all about it.

Steve Gamlin


Power of Prayer and Giving Back

Lori spoke to Anita Perry of City Prayer Group for Never Alone.  We heard from Dena Stahlheber, who told us about an upcoming event at Saint Anselm.  Lori and Anita shared about unity in the church and they talked about not putting people in boxes.  They then talked to Dr. Tanya Tupik about prayer.  Finally, Steve Gamlin came on the show for Engaging Your Why.  He spoke to Lori about rebuilding your life, giving back and more.  Tune in for all of the details.


Immersing Yourself and the 10 Days of Prayer

Lori and AnitaLori spoke this morning to Anita Perry for Never Alone.  They started by talking about last night’s 10 Days of Prayer meeting.  They spoke about seeing from the inward, rather than the outward and they discussed last night’s leadership teams.  We heard about prayer and they discussed how the Days of Prayer have been so far.  Motivational speaker Steve Gamlin then came to the mic for Engaging Your Why.  He spoke about immersion and shared about moving forward and becoming a better you.