1269 Cafe’ Feeding People Physically And Spiritually

On today’s Compassion in Action, Mary Chevalier from 1269 Cafe’ returns to the mic to update us on how they’re serving people. She told us how the cafe’ got started, and how the majority of the people they serve are homeless, dealing with mental illness and substance abuse. Many are also living at the borderline poverty level.

The conversation continued about understanding what people want, instead of what we want for them. Mary then told us about some programs they are hoping to start and the people partnering with them. She also shared some of the basic needs the have.

Mary disclosed how they’re 100% volunteer run. Also, how they serve hot lunch four days a week from a Catholic Charities grant. Finally, she told us about the medical care Catholic Medical Center offers, and various community supporters.  Listen in and hear more about it.

1269 Cafe: Caring for the Homeless

Rai and MaryRai Chevalier, son of the founders of 1269 Cafe came on the show to share a teenager’s perspective of what goes on at the cafe’. He talks about the stigma behind how people see those who are homeless. Rai also gave us a story about how 1269 turned into what it is today.  Brent Clark, a regular volunteer at 1269 Cafe, shared about his experiences at the cafe and talked about his growth as a volunteer and active helper of the homeless, as Jeff Boutin hosted the segment.  In the final segment, Susan Foss talked about how she and her family first came into contact with the Cafe through the loss of her son and learned that he was a frequent guest. She also found out how they took care of him. Tune in to hear this touching story.

Peace in the Process and the Restorative Power of God

Lydia and JennLori spoke to Jenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers for Recovery Now.  Jenn introduced her guest Lydia O’Leary, who shared her story about caring for those who desperately need it.  She also talked about the handling of a baby who was born into addiction and the restorative power of God.  We then heard from Rich Boisvert of On Demand Staffing Solutions for Compassion in Action.  He spoke about the work that God can do in us and told us about On Demand.  Tune in to hear more!


Finding Your Identity and Patrick’s Story

Kathie and JennLori spoke to Jenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers for Recovery Now.  We were introduced to her guest Kathie Saari, who talked about her church and the recovery group that she is involved in.  She spoke about the true meaning of repentance and healing frequencies with music.  We heard about the Recovery Coach Academy, Dr. Caroline Leaf and her work with the mind.  Rich Boisvert of On Demand Staffing Solution then joined us for Compassion in Action to tell us the story of one of their workers.  Tune in to hear encouraging stories of rehabilitation.

Teen Challenge and an Answered Prayer

Andrew and ChrisLori spoke to Chris Toof and Andrew Mikols from Teen Challenge this morning for Recovery Now.  We heard about last night’s 10 Nights of Prayer meeting that took place at Teen Challenge and we heard Chris and Andrew’s stories about addiction and recovery.  They spoke about the responsibility of parents in the lives of their children and their experiences with Teen Challenge.  We were then joined by Rich Boisvert and Al Camarata of On Demand Staffing Solutions for Compassion in Action.  They gave us a rundown of both On Demand Staffing Solutions and their new men’s group.  Finally, we heard about a cry to God and an answer.  Tune in to hear all about it.

The Nature of the Brain and a Men’s Group

Lori and JennJenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers spoke to Lori for Recovery Now.  She talked about her son’s struggles with drug use and his journey with recovery.  We heard about a class that she is taking and she shared statistics about success and failure in recovery.  They discussed statements made by Doctor Caroline Leaf concerning the nature of the brain and building habits.  They also discussed the impact of the free gift of grace and the use of Suboxone during recovery.  We then talked to Rich Boisvert and Al Camarata of On Demand Staffing Solutions for Compassion in Action.  They told us about a new men’s group that has been started recently.  They spoke about On Demand and explained the staffing process.  Tune in to get all of the details.


Recovery with Dr. Hevern & On Demand Testimony

Special guest, Dr. Hevern joins Jen & Justin Lever for Recovery Now. The Soboxone debate is discussed and hope restored for those suffering with cravings during recovery.  Lori encourages an emotional Justin Lever to share how it felt not to be using for some time. Justin said he felt normal after a decade of being addicted.

Living Authentically and Dealers of Hope

Jenn Lever(Segment One) Jenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers talked to us about her Recovery Now meeting from last night.  They also talked about the relationship of Spirit, Soul and Body.

(Segment Two) Lori and Jenn spoke about living from the outside in.  We heard about how our Soul prospers and they discussed living in divine health.  Finally, Lori told her listeners about an upcoming event that she is hosting.  Tune in for all of the details.

(Segment Three) We were joined by Rich Boisvert and Al Camarata for Compassion in Action.  They talked about modeling love and shared stories of success from On Demand Staffing Solutions.  We heard that everybody has value and they spoke about true love.