Scott Hornung – Training The Brain To Understand Violence

On today’s Personal Safety, 4th degree black belt and chief instructor of mixed martial arts, Scott Hornung, joined Lori to talk about the importance of training the brain to understand violence. They started off talking about his previous New Hampshire martial arts academy, and the women’s programs he was involved with. Scott told us about his extensive training, and shared how he learned to combine the arts to create his programs.

Scott then told about some of his inspirations from martial arts. Also, about being a victim of violence and bullying as a child. He told us how he encourages his students to stay humble and be open to different perspectives. Lori and Scott both shared stories about their own children’s training with Scott, and examples of how they avoided violence themselves.

Next, Scott shared his interest in case studies that help him with his training. He also highlighted situational awareness scenarios, and introduced us to the Crime Triangle to help illustrate what we might look for in potential threatening situations. He then explained the types of violence and types of predators, along with the four second rule he uses. Scott then announced that he was in the process of developing start-up business called ThreatAware, which will use his passion and experience in mixed martial arts to help people train their brain about violence. Finally, he offered some valuable resources by  Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller, and Jeff Jacoby  Listen in and hear more about it.

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