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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

This segment shares success stories from businesses owners and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. We also offer helpful sales, marketing and promotional insights for business owners to encourage them toward reaching their goals.

Personal Branding With Deo Mwano

Today, Speaker and Learning Consultant, Deo Mwano, joined Lori to discuss Personal Branding. Deo started off telling us some of his background with Competency Based Learning and working with a variety of students. He shared how he encourages them to identify skills, passions and identify what they care about. He also told us the two main parts of personal branding, Identity and Ownership, and how to translate them into intention and action.

Next, Deo highlighted the importance of skill development, being authentic, and practicing through experimentation. He added how this isn’t just about career, but also using our gifts and skills to help others, along with creating space, be intentional, and recognizing what drives us based on our priorities. Finally, he encouraged us to take risks, make emotional commitment to decisions and not underestimate the effectiveness of playfulness. Listen in and hear more about it!

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The Buying Networks With Mike Silver

Today, on Business Beat, Mike Silver from The Buying Networks joined Lori to discuss how they help businesses, non-profits and ministries save money on what they buy. They started off talking about Mike’s background and how he started the company eleven years ago. Then he answered frequently asked questions.

Next, they discussed how many organizations waste money that could be spent helping people. Mike told us how the network makes money, and how it’s free for members to get better pricing. He also told us about his camp called Wilds of New England, that God miraculously provides for, so kids can attend free. Finally, Mike encouraged us to consider joining the network to use our savings to support outreach. Listen in and hear more about it.

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Cultivating Deep Client Relationships and Value Engineering with Alex Harvey

Today, on Business Beat, Alex Harvey from Illuminate Design joins us on FB Live. Talking about “Cultivating Deep Client Relationships and Value Engineering.” Basically, how can we best present your business to your clients? They also discussed empathy marketing, and Alex shared a great resource for us at

Next, they highlighted the behavioral science and psychology behind the way we present our business on our website. They also gave examples and improvements to make our presentation go from good to better. Finally, Alex guided Lori through a process to achieve better client connection with her audio ads. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Sales Industry Changes with Douglas Martin

Today, Professional Sales Leader and all around Happy Guy, Douglas Martin joins Lori to discuss Sales Industry Changes. Doug started off telling us how he stopped cars dressed in a police costume to sell lemonade when he was a kid. He also told us what it takes to be good at sales, and how sales is changing because buyers are changing.

Next, they highlighted in-person communication, decision-makers, building trust and ethical practices. They continued talking about the importance of projecting changes in the industry, win win relationships, and a new product Doug found to sell. Listen in and hear more about it!

Full Service Solutions With Cross Net Computer Services

On today’s Business Beat, Sales, Service and IT Specialist, Ben Greene from Cross Net Computer Services, joined Lori to discuss Full Service Solutions with Cross Net Computer Services. They started off talking about how Ben built his first computer at age eleven, his IT Service Desk job in college, and now, working at Cross Net with Ashish Samuel. He told us where most people run into trouble with their networks and operating system updates. He added about back up services, and preventing data loss, as well as, same day service.

Next, Ben highlighted cloud service, preventative care and remote care. He told us about helping businesses access their work on vacation and other common issues with easy fixes. He then explained how Cross Net helps businesses from planning, buying and set up so they don’t have to know anything. Finally, Ben informed us they are a full service IT solution that businesses can outsource from instead of creating their own IT Department. Listen in and hear more about it!


JPB Financial and Evnoy Mortgage

Jeff and AdamIn the absence of the Moore family, Lori spoke to Jeff Boutin, former Anchor of Business Beat.  We heard about the New Hampshire Christian Business Network, and they introduced us to Adam Cote, who is part of the Concord chapter of the network.  Jeff told us about his work as a financial planner for JPB Financial and shared the importance and benefits of giving.  Finally, we heard more from Adam of Envoy Mortgage.  He gave us some of the details of his personal life and he talked about the world of mortgage.

Business Meets Addiction Recovery


IMG_5330(Segment Three) Jason Soukup joined us for this week’s Business Beat to tell us about his exercise-based organization and how it has become an outlet for community and addiction recovery.  It is located in downtown Derry.  Jason shared more about his personal and familial history.  Tune in to hear how you can get involved.