The Right to Life, Forgiveness And Alternatives To Abortion

On today’s special broadcast, Greg Winslow from If My People New England and Marc Major, Anchor of It’s A Wonderful Life, joined Lori Lynn Greene to discuss The Right to Life, Forgiveness and Alternatives to Abortion.

They started off talking about laws allowing abortion up until birth, and the break down of support systems for those faced with unwanted pregnancy. Then they shared stories of those who have experienced the pain of abortion and found forgiveness and healing.

Next, They enlightened us about the spiritual aspects of this issue, and shared staggering statistics of convenience abortions. They encouraged us to take responsibility for the unborn, and shared alternatives where support can be found.

They also told us how children are a gift from God and have value. Finally, they prayed for those hurting or facing this difficult decision. Listen in and hear more about it!

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