Pornography, Violence & Intimacy with Rick Kardos

Today, Rick Kardos from The Nathan Project joined Lori to discuss Pornography, Violence & Intimacy. They started off talking about how culture tends to rationalize and minimize pornography. Also, how a picture is a thousand words that stays with us longer, and similar to cocaine, changes our brain.

Next, Rick shared how beliefs and behaviors are associated with pornography addiction, resulting in solo sex. Then he addressed parents, giving examples of how violence, rape and bullying are too widely accepted. He then added about poor role models and other risk factors. Finally, he told us how his wife helps women through the painful process of being married or divorced from a man with pornography addiction. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Finding Joy In The Journey

Today, on our Come Together Community segment, Marnie Wells from Gilead’s Balm joined Lori to talk about Finding Joy in The Journey. They started off talking about the difference between good and well, and the importance of how we start our day. Marnie told us we are only responsible for our self, and how we influence people from our own state and life.

Next, they shared how God fills the empty spaces in our life if we let him, instead of feeling like we always have to be doing something. Then Marnie encouraged us not to fear, but trust and realize we’re not alone. Finally, they gave scenarios of how to help someone struggling. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Roca Kidz Club, Decision America and Foster Care With Jenn Hebert

Today, on our Come Together community segments, Jenn Hebert from Roca Kidz Club joined Lori to discuss the Practical Outreach they do. They started off talking about Roca’s eight year anniversary coming up in June, and how they started the mission to Manchester after seeing how The Buffalo Dream Center in New York did their outreach. Jenn told us how they “See a need, and meet a need”, and encouraged us that we don’t need to ask for approval.

Next, Jenn highlighted other organizations that support Roca’s vision of loving kids, and she told us how grateful she is for the volunteers who commit to the mission every week. Jenn also told us they plan to start a Friday night outreach for teens who need alternatives. Finally, Jenn told us she was a Tour Representative for Billy Graham who will be coming to our city in May. Finally, she encouraged us to get involved in volunteer training  for this big event. Listen in and here more about it!

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Praying For Our City with Greg and Suzanne Winslow

Today, we had a special broadcast to pray for our city. Founders of If My People New England, Greg and Suzanne Winslow, joined Lori for this purpose. They started off discussing the Winslow’s missionary background in Mexico and the impact they made against violence when authorities weren’t intervening. They told us about coming to New Hampshire and pray walks they make in Manchester.

Next, Lori shared some of the tragedies that have occurred in Greater Manchester over the past couple months for the purpose of prayer. They also highlighted the importance of walking in holiness, the Great Commission, the sin of silence, and the power of prayer to invite God into the healing of our city. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Experiencing The Kingdom Together In True Unity

Today, special guests Anthony Greve and Patty Bell joined Lori to discuss Experiencing The Kingdom In True Unity. They started off talking about Anthony’s testimony as a young believer and how he helped his brother. They added about the importance of being ready for God to use us.

Next, Anthony told us God is to be known experiencially. They added about true unity vs agendas, and how kingdom government is making Jesus first in our focus. Finally, Anthony told us nothing else satisfies like Jesus, and they asked the audience what the kingdom looks like on a person. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Help Us Help Others (HUHO) with Camile Gaydos

Today. Camille Gaydos joined Lori to tell us about the recent HUHO Gala she put on. Camille told us they’ve been doing this annual Gala for eight years, and how they started off supporting missions in Africa to help with medical needs. Also, how they started helping local ministries in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Next, Camille told about their involvement in youth leadership awards, and how they rely on the support of donors. She also highlighted this year’s Citizen of The Year recipients, Lydia O’Leary and Susan Mitchell. Finally, she told us the funds they raise go to practical needs of people actually serving those in need, and that are volunteer run. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Sex Trafficking Awareness with Donna Plourde

Today, Donna Plourde from Real Life Giving joined Lori to discuss Sex Trafficking Awareness. They started off talking about misunderstandings and misrepresentations of Sex Trafficking and what this entails. Also, how 83% of confirmed sex trafficking victims are in the United States.

Next, they highlighted the movie Taken as an example of the varied demographics of sex trafficked victims. Donna then told us trafficking is the exploitation of the vulnerable who are targeted due to circumstances. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Hope Beyond Pornography

Today, on our Come Together Community show, Rick Kardos from The Nathan Project joined Lori to discuss Hope Beyond Pornography. They stared talking about the impact of pornography in a hyper-sexualized society, and the victims affected. Rick then told us some of his story, how is affected his family. He also shared how he ended up starting The Nathan Project.

Next, they talked us about those caught up in pornography due to father wounds, and the redeeming power in Christ that brings healing freedom. Rick told us how he trains leaders and oversees groups for men, while his wife Vicki holds support groups for women. Finally, Rick shared survey results of how society downplays the severity of the affects of pornography. Listen in and hear more about it!

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