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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

The importance of community goes beyond us having a geographic commonality; it’s a feeling of connection with others through common attitudes, interests, and goals. This segment will share from these relationships to give listeners the opportunity to know and reach out to their neighbors and help build a stronger community, because we’re In It Together!

Boxes of Love For The Homeless

Today on our Community show, Stacey Bergeron and Bernadette Trafton joined Lori to talk about Boxes of Love For The Homeless. They started off talking about the ladies backgrounds and how they reconnected after many years for this outreach. They told us their goal was to make those they give boxes to feel loved. They also told us what they put in the boxes and their symbolic meaning, and highlighted touching stories of those who have received boxes.

Next, They continued about the struggle of the homeless, sportive people who have partnered with them, stigmas surrounding the homeless and how to love who’s in front of us. Finally, they shared about their Wish List on Amazon where people can purchase items sent directly to the, so they can fill them to hand out. Watch or Listen in and hear more about it!

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Vaccine Choice With Trisha Fessler

On today’s show, Special Guest Legislative Liaison from Michigan for Vaccine Choice on behalf of her State Representative & State Senator, Trisha Fessler, joined Lori to discuss Vaccine Choice.

They started off talking about how she educates legislators and the general public about vaccines. The conversation continued about vaccine injuries, The National Childhood Vaccine Act, and the increase of vaccine doses after the Act was passed.  Trisha then informed us about unsafe testing methods, and incentives given for doctors to push vaccines.

Next, Trisha told us about the lengthy care her son needed after receiving vaccines, and what she discovered inspired her to advocate and educate people about it. She added about the nasty ingredients in vaccines, easily found on the CDC.Gov website, and the increase of chronic issues. Finally, they talked about the use of animal DNA, forced vaccinations, and Trisha’s Website Wholly Alignment. Listen in and hear more about it!

Celebrating Small Victories With Steve Gamlin

On Today’s show, Speaker, Author and Philanthropist, Steve Gamlin, joined Lori to discuss Celebrating Small Victories. They started off talking about Lori’s recent challenges and how important it is to celebrate progress. Then they talked about the many hats Steve wears, the importance of being real, and not falling into the trap of deitizing famous people.

Next, they shared how to reward yourself in proportion to your victories. Steve gave examples and told us not to feel bad about celebrating along your journey. They expounded about the joy of celebrating with other people in our life, and the need for connections. Finally, they encouraged us not to wait to celebrate when big things happen. Listen in and hear more about it.


Roca Kidz Club with Jen Hebert

On today’s Come Together community segment, Jen Hebert joined Lori to talk about Roca Kidz Club. Jen Started off telling us that Roca was a Spanish slang word that means Rock. She then referred to when Jesus said he would build his church upon a rock. She also told us about the type of kids they serve, and the abuse and neglect many of them endure. She shared that their goal is help kids know the genuine love of God.

Next, Jen told us about the history of reaching inner city kids and the volunteers and supporters within the community. She gave us the rundown on how the weekly gathering feeds the kids physically and spiritually, as well as, giving them opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. Finally, Jen named some of her biggest supporters and how we can get involved, Listen in and hear more about it.


Gratitude, Visualization, and Second Half Superstars With Steve Gamlin

On Today’s In It Together, Motivational Speaker, Author and Philanthropist, Steve Gamlin joined Lori to talk about Gratitude, Visualization, and Second Half Superstars. They started off talking about the importance of keeping a gratitude journal, and not making life common. They then talked about what we overcome, what we learn and what we do with our time. Also, how humility is needed to be grateful, and not the same as being a doormat.

Next, the discussion turned to visualization. Steve prompted Lori to visualize a goal and encouraged us to post pictures around us as reminders what we want. Lori then shared about a time she didn’t know what she wanted, and how she learned to connect with her goals to realize them. They further discussed the importance of giving and why not to make everything about ourselves.

Finally, Steve told us about how some people reward superstars, and how he likes to encourage people for improving. They also talked about being careful not to coast when going after our goals so we don’t lose momentum. Finally, they shared how we’re not competing with anyone but ourselves, and being okay with our personal best. Listen in and hear more about it!

Keller Williams ABODE Team And Community Outreach

On today’s Come Together community show, Stephen Jenkins Jr. and Nicole Garrity from Garrity & Jenkins, ABODE Team at Keller Williams Metropolitan Realty, joined Lori to talk about the expectations and emotions of buying and selling a home. They started off talking about breaking the stigma of real estate agents, and how Keller Williams Metropolitan has a passion for outreach. Lori shared about a recent “Red Day” they had to help families in need with yard clean up.

Next, Nicole and Stephen shared their backgrounds in real estate. They told us about the mentors who helped them learn the business, and how their partnership began. Then,  Zachary Saunders of Residential Mortgage Services in Portland, Maine, called in and told us why he liked working with the ABODE Team, and then shared about mortgage interest market trends. All agreed that building relationships was key to helping people with their real estate needs. Stephen reinforced the importance of having good communication between team members to best serve their clients.

Finally, we heard a surprising fact about Keller Williams 400 agents who work together to share information that helps them serve their clients more efficiently. Listen in and hear more about it.

How To Find God In Difficulties

On today’s “Come Together” community segments, Robin Solomon joined Lori. She and her husband Eroll lead the Intercessory Prayer group at Hope Tabernacle Church in Manchester. Robin started off sharing about her reckless living in her younger days. Then in the most difficult time of her life, God found her when she had no prior exposure to Christianity.

They continued with the lengths God will go for one person. Robin talked about God being “the builder of our life”, as she admitted her continuing trials that keep her dependent upon God. She added Paul’s example of understanding the purpose of sufferings.

Furthermore, they talked about how to find God in the difficulties, and having God’s heart and mind. Finally, the talked about maturing, the kindness of God, his finished work, and learning how to rest, receive and respond. Tune in and hear more about it!

Making Recovery Fun and Creating A Safe Place

Melissa Crews joined Lori & Jen for Recovery Now this morning. She talked about renovations at their new location. Also, how they’re trying to make recovery fun by offering art opportunities. “Everybody needs a purpose”, said Melissa.

The discussion continued about not beating yourself up when you can’t seem to get things right. “There’s a fine line between not having compassion and leaving yourself open to be hurt again”, said Lori

Melissa shared that her vision for Hope for NH Recovery was to create a safe place for people who feel isolated. “Fear and faith can’t live in the same space”, said Melissa. Finally they chatted about the importance of getting organizations to work together instead of fighting for funding against each other.

Contact Melissa Crews at 603-714-9136  or