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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

The importance of community goes beyond us having a geographic commonality; it’s a feeling of connection with others through common attitudes, interests, and goals. This segment will share from these relationships to give listeners the opportunity to know and reach out to their neighbors and help build a stronger community, because we’re In It Together!

Working Examples

We were joined by Rafael and Lisa Diaz-Alvarez of North Point Mortgage, who also joined us for Champions for Wellness (Click here for the archive post).  They talked about the financials behind purchasing a home and how they do their job.  We also found out how they are examples to their clients and peers.  Tune in […]

Selfless Serving

Jenn Hebert brought Jennifer Hall in for our Come Together segment.  They shared about how Miss Hall got involved with Roca and Jenn Hebert was moved to tears as she talked about what she is doing now.  Tune in to hear about someone who truly has a desire to help others. Click here to go […]

Giving Back

This segment of Come Together was about regular people who see a need and meet a need using the resources that they have.  They talked about the Big Brother organization and Lynn shared with us a unique piece of information that she learned during her professional development for voice acting.  Tune in to hear more […]