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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

The importance of community goes beyond us having a geographic commonality; it’s a feeling of connection with others through common attitudes, interests, and goals. This segment will share from these relationships to give listeners the opportunity to know and reach out to their neighbors and help build a stronger community, because we’re In It Together!

20 December 2016

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Making Recovery Fun and Creating A Safe Place

Melissa Crews joined Lori & Jen for Recovery Now this morning. She talked about renovations at their new location. Also, […]

19 December 2016

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A Manchester Christian Church Christmas

Lori started today’s Come Together community show by hearing about Jason Rose’s role at Manchester Christian Church as Community Pastor. […]

07 November 2016

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Come Together: Renew Movement

Lori and co-host Anita Perry started the Come Together segment by taking a call from Greg Armstrong, who is the […]

12 October 2016

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Supporting Haiti and Becoming Surgically Slim

Lori spoke this morning to Cathy Boutin, who shared about work that she has been doing with Haiti over the […]

05 October 2016

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1269 Cafe: Caring for the Homeless

Rai Chevalier, son of the founders of 1269 Cafe came on the show to share a teenager’s perspective of what goes […]

28 September 2016

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Changing the World Through Roca Kidz Club

Jenn Hebert told us about her mission to the community, dreaming with Lori about their belief that they can change […]

12 September 2016

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Liberty Thrifty and Activity vs Productivity

Lori started the morning with Dave Ayers for the Come Together segment.  Dave talked to Lori about the opening of his […]

15 June 2016

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The Orlando Shooting and A Spirit Led Life

Lori, along with her sidekick Lynn Nadeau, spoke to Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies for Personal Safety.  They discussed the […]

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