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When You feel Like Giving Up

Today, on the Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Lori Lynn Greene from Alpha Advancement Strategies talked about When You Feel Like Giving Up. She started off telling us reasons why people give up, and how things don’t always turn out the way we think. She encouraged us to find out what we’re designed to do and align to it. She then differentiated between people who play life safe and rarely change, and people who take risks and have the faith it requires to have success.

Next, she told us we need both certainty and uncertainty in life, but we must to let God change us in moments we feel like giving up. She told us we’re not our feelings, but they’re a compass that tells us what we’re believing. She added the other side of rewards are regrets, and to realize we’re in training for the next thing when we feel like giving up.

She continued with a personal story of reentering the workforce dealing with insecurity and anxiety, and how she prayerfully got through it. She shared how we often think about what we have to do instead of what we want to do, but how learning to be grateful wherever God has us helps. She then told us of a woman who inspired her to live life on her terms when she felt is was too late. Finally, she encouraged us with how to empower ourselves when we feel like giving up. Listen in and hear more about it!

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No More Shame With Robert Murphy

Today, on Recovery Now, Officer Robert Murphy joined Lori and Jen to tell us how he has No More Shame since God helped him recover from alcohol and drugs. They started off talking about his early days of feeling disconnected and not knowing who he was. He added how he didn’t have purpose or direction in his life, but God saved him from the vicious cycle. He also told us about his wife’s courage that helped him realize he didn’t want the addicts life anymore.

Next, He shared about the struggle he had dealing with shame and regret, but then he read there was no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. He testified about how he started to believe God in faith when he asked God a revelation of how close he was. Then he had a vision of Jesus. Finally, he told us how he helps the homeless in the railroad tracks instead of arresting them. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Think Yourself To Success

Today, on It’s A Wonderful Life, Coach Speaker and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major joined Lori to discuss Thinking Yourself To Success. They started off talking about how we can get stuck and give up trying because we don’t know what we really want. Also, how it’s never too late to succeed, and we don’t need to ask permission.

Next they highlighted how to get out of our comfort zone, set goals, be creative and build your confidence. They also encouraged us to think beyond where we are, and realize there’s more than one solution. Finally, they told us not to be afraid to fail, because we can learn what doesn’t work. Finally, Marc encouraged us that we have purpose and options. Listen in and here more about it!

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Living Above Mediocrity

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer, and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene, shared about Living Above Mediocrity. She started off talking about how some people have an areas where they live with a low standards. She then defined mediocrity as ordinary, and challenged us to ask ourselves if we’re living our best for  life. She told us how to spot mediocrity to raise our awareness and live more excellent.

Next, Lori told us we are the salt of the earth and light of the world. She warned us against self-sufficiency, a mediocre mindset, and the spiritual paralysis that leads to mediocrity. She continued by encouraging us to breakthrough, and know who the real enemy of living an abundant life is. Finally, she told us the importance of having a God vision, prioritizing our life, and living with purpose. Listen in and hear more about it!

Peace In The Storms of Life

Today on Storm Chasing, Meteorologist and Storm Chaser, Ron Moore Jr. from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to discuss Passion And Peace In The Storms Of Life. They started off talking about how most people don’t know what they really enjoy. Ron told us he wanted to stir up our passion to find what makes us tick. The conversation continued about  added the discovery process that unfolds over our life, and going back to simplicity.

Next, Ron contrasted knowledge with darkness, and history and scientists who understood this. Also, how being connected to God is important, because it’s his vision not ours, if we let him lead us through prayer and finding peace. Finally, Ron gave us his weather predictions for the end of summer into fall. Listen in and hear more about it!


Being More Effective

Today on The Good Life,  Advancement Strategist and Coach Trainer from  www.AlphaAdvancementStrategies.com, Lori Lynn Greene, shared about Being More Effective. She started off talking about the mindset we need, and to seek God’s direction , guidance, and wisdom. She added about being purposeful on purpose, being committed, and simplifying things by breaking them down into easier systems.

Next, she encouraged us to know our strengths, get organized, and have a good working environment. She said to prepare well, maintain a good attitude, expect a good outcome, and be consistent. Finally, she encouraged us to stop wasting valuable time, to prioritize things, and follow through without quitting. Listen in and hear more about it!

Finding order in The Creator and History

On today’s Storm Chasing, Ron Moore Jr. from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to discuss Finding Order in The Creator and History.  They started off talking about Ron’s passion for forecasting from history, and how people in history who are remembered for living their purpose and passion, though they weren’t popular then. They also mentioned how our focus needs to be doing what we love instead of looking for glory. they added how many lost people nowadays have the gang mentality with the need for acceptance, love and affirmation, but end up joining groups with little understanding of the truth.

Next, they talked about the importance of order to find the truth of the Creator. Ron told us this is historically where remedies for disease were found, as he gave the example of a king who was used as lab rat and died in 1685. He told about the first blood transfusion and  Isaac Watts, Joy To The World and 3000 other songs. Finally, Ron shared this week in weather history and gave the forecast. Listen in and hear more about it.

Life is Like Storm Chasing and Treasure Hunting

On today’s Storm chasing, Ron Moore Jr from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to talk about how life is like storm chasing. They started off on talking about weather pattern recognition, this August’s weather, and upcoming predictions. Ron also told us about The Storm Warning plans for future forecasts.

The conversation turned to “”Why are we here?” Also, how to hear God’s instruction, ask the right questions, and being willing to immerse ourselves in what God shows us and step out in faith.

Ron then told us how to cultivate this in our kids, and they discussed how education and application in the right area is what creates success. Ron told us success is cultural. He then shared about past storms to bring out history to expose holes in the Climate Change argument.

Next they talked about the difference between Climate Change and caring about the environment. Ron then told us about his former affiliation with Green Peace and The Audubon Society. He reminisced about when smog was a problem, and told us about his recycling business when he was younger. They they touched on the lies of Global cooling, CO2 sensors in Car Inspections, and the industry that has been built on it. Also, the poor people who are affected by it.

Finally, Lori shared the purpose of why we do the show, and Ron told us some history about Sir Isaac Newton, his use of Scriptures about hidden treasure, and removing distractions. Listen in and hear more about it.