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Believing Scientists, Lost History and Climate Change

On today’s Storm Chasing, Ron Moore Jr. from The Storm Warning,  joined Lori to talk about Believing Scientists, Lost History and Climate Change. They started off talking about Ron’s passion for weather, and his historical and scientific weather collection. He said it proves the Climate Change argument is incomplete. They then discussed how everyone is born with an in-born purpose and passion, designed to solve the worlds problems. He also shared about believing scientists who changed the course of history.

Next, they talked about a whole industry being built upon a lie, and how we’ve wasted resources to perpetuate the lie. Ron gave us an example of the Tesla electric car, and how it used five years of a regular car’s energy just to develop it. He also talked about the teaching strategy of FEMA, as he urged us to be better prepared.  Then he shared about profitable business plans that line up with what’s right.

Ron then told us about historic weather patterns that debunk Climate Change arguments, stating how cycles have been around long before their agenda. He showed us The Great American Weather Book, by the greatest weather historian, David M. Ludlum. Finally, they touched on corruption, greed, changing humanity, green energy, and the week forecast. Listen in and hear more about it.