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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Anita Perry is the Founder of City Prayer, actively involved in numerous organizations within the community as a prayer missionary. She devotes her time to helping people understand they don’t have to face life’s circumstances alone.

Relieving Anxiety and Staying in Peace

Anita, Paul and Lori(Segment One) Lori was joined by Anita Perry for Never Alone.  They talked about feeling unrest and having anxiety.  Lori reminded us to not see anxiety as a negative thing, but more as a reminder that we are not in our mind.  They told us about the Prince of Peace and shared about what true authority is.


(Segment Two) We continued with Lori and Anita.  We heard about how to stay in peace and learned about the motives of God’s actions.  We then met Anita’s brother Chaplain Paul Demers.  He wanted the listeners to know the distinction between being alone and being lonely.  He told us about the services at the prison that does work at.


(Segment Three) Chaplain Paul Demers joined us for a second segment.  He shared with us about noteworthy aspects of his job.  We heard about his life before he accepted God and found out how his life changed as a result.


Great Joy: “You’re A Gift” Christmas Event Recap

Anita, Henry and Lori(Segment One) We talked to Anita Perry this morning for Never Alone.  She and Lori talked about keys to living a victorious life.  They pointed out that the anointing breaks the yoke and brought up the need for joy.  They talked about Christmas and Lori shared about her former struggle with commercialism.  They continued talking about struggles and talked about overcoming your struggles.

(Segment Two) We continued with Anita, who talked to us about never losing our childlike wonder.  We then heard a statement from Johnny Enlow and Anita gave us a story about turning loss and pain into something positive for others.  Also, we heard about testimonies from people who were involved in the “You’re A Gift” Christmas event and heard from 1269’s Henry Demers.  “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

(Segment Three) We opened by hearing a testimony from Henry Demers about the “You’re A Gift” event.  Anita, Lori and Henry told us more about what happened at the event.  Tune in to hear stories about the joy that occurred through this event.  Tune in and be blessed.



Unity and You’re a Gift Christmas Event

Anita, Henry and Lori(Segment One) We were joined this morning by Anita Perry for Never Alone.  Anita started by talking to us about a monthly walk.  She then talked to us about unity within the church.  She asked Lori how she came up with the title of her show before telling us how she ended up on the show.  Tune in to hear all about it.

(Segment Two) Lori introduced her next guest Henry Demers of 1269 Cafe.  Henry told us about their “You’re A Gift” Christmas event.  They talked about uniting the spiritual leaders in the area to come together and help in the community.  They talked about how everybody is precious and gave details about last year’s Christmas event.

(Segment Three) Henry told us who is involved in the You’re A Gift Christmas event.  They spoke about the “cross pollination” that occurs with all of the different churches that are involved.  Henry told us about some of the churches that are involved and the items that they provided.  They also talked about the effect of these events.

The Blessings In Being Thankful

"Thanksgiving! Happy"(Segment One) Lori and Anita started Never Alone by taking a moment to thank those who are involved in the show.  They then talked about bridging the divide between people and used the origin of Thanksgiving as an example.  They talked about the amazing communication systems that we have in this technological era.

(Segment Two) Henry from Manchester called in and shared with Lori and Anita why he is thankful to be thankful.  Anita shared with us that there are health benefits to being thankful.  They talked about being able to help other people and told more about the past of Thanksgiving.  Also, Sheila called in to share what she is thankful for.

(Segment Three) Lori and Anita continued talking about thankfulness.  They shared about being thankful for the very breath that you breathe and talked about the unpredictability of life.  They told us more about Thanksgiving’s past and told us about the love of God, which leads to giving thanks.  They shared about the 1269 Cafe and the love that is being given from the organization.

Taking A Moment to Listen

Anita and Judy(Segment One) Anita Perry joined us as the host for this week’s Never Alone segment.  She started off by talking to us about events both past and future.  She then introduced us to Judy Mason who is the State Coordinator of the NH National Day of Prayer/Prayer Strike NH.  Judy started off by telling us the story about how her prayer life became more personal.


(Segment Two) Judy continued with her story in this segment.  She talked about getting saved and the changes that occurred.  They shared about how God shows up in our weakness.  Judy told us about really listening and we heard about being in the moment.

(Segment Three) Anita and Judy continued to share about the importance of listening.  They discussed acts of kindness that they were involved in and they talked about being aware of your surroundings.  They shared about becoming a better listener by listening to God.  Tune in to hear more.


Perspective and the Love of God

Anita, Kevin and Lori(Segment One) You don’t have to be alone.  Lori and Anita shared about how God moves in bigger ways than you expect.  They gave us a good picture of who God is by giving personal examples of His goodness.  Tune in to get a lesson about the benefits of an accurate perspective.

(Segment Two) Anita introduced her guest Kevin, who told us a story about ministry work that he did for the homeless through 1269 Cafe.  Also, Anita shared about a 1269 related event that is happening tonight.

(Segment Three) Kevin talked to us about the love of God in this segment.  He shared about what Henry Demers, of 1269 Cafe, did for the homeless before he told us a story about unity in the city.  Tune in to hear the positive message in today’s Never Alone.

Intercession with Trish Ayers

Anita, Trish and Lori(Segment One) Lori and Anita started this segment of Never Alone by telling us about last week’s very inspirational story (Click here for that archive).  They talked about the overwhelming love of God and how much that He wants to share that love with you.

(Segment Two) Lori and Anita introduced their guest Trish Ayers of Amore Prayer Group who shared a story about her son who was in an awful car accident.  They talked about how everyone is an intercessor.

(Segment Three) Trish continued where she left off with talking about prayer.  They talked about having a right perspective of who God is.  Also, they advised to leave room for our children to learn and grow and pointed out that relationship is a vital part in things.  Tune in to hear more.

Times of Refreshing / Robin’s Story

Anita, Robin, Lori and I Don't Know Her Name(Segment One) Anita and Lori started off the show by talking about a twenty four hour retreat that Anita just got back from.  They shared about the importance of rest.


(Segment Two) Lori and Anita were joined by Robin Shalek Solomon, who shared her story with us.  She told us about her rough and hopeless start and how she had an encounter with God.

(Segment Three) We heard the ending of the Robin’s story.  She told us about the acknowledgement that she is Never Alone.  She went more in depth with her story and told us what she saw in her encounter.  Tune in to hear this moving story.