Full Service Solutions With Cross Net Computer Services

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On today’s Business Beat, Sales, Service and IT Specialist, Ben Greene from Cross Net Computer Services, joined Lori to discuss Full Service Solutions with Cross Net Computer Services. They started off talking about how Ben built his first computer at age eleven, his IT Service Desk job in college, and now, working at Cross Net with Ashish Samuel. He told us where most people run into trouble with their networks and operating system updates. He added about back up services, and preventing data loss, as well as, same day service.

Next, Ben highlighted cloud service, preventative care and remote care. He told us about helping businesses access their work on vacation and other common issues with easy fixes. He then explained how Cross Net helps businesses from planning, buying and set up so they don’t have to know anything. Finally, Ben informed us they are a full service IT solution that businesses can outsource from instead of creating their own IT Department. Listen in and hear more about it!



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