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The Making of In It Together

On today’s show Lori talked about the making of In It Together. She started off sharing about the unusual way the show started out in radio, how she co-hosted and guest hosted the Girard At Large show during her time at WLMW. She then told us about launching In It Together on WLMW and The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. She shared about the industry leaders she interviewed, and the fast jump from airing one day a week to five days a week.

Next, Lori told us about the past show anchors she had the pleasure of working with, how they met and what they talked about. Then she told us about being able to do interviews at the last presidential election on Radio Row at the Radisson in Manchester. She then highlighted the current anchors and how they are trying to make an  impact. Finally, Lori told us about the new expansion and renovations as they occupy the entire top floor above Jacques flower Shop, and their hopes of launching Good News New England this year, and adding video and written content. Listen in and hear more about it.


Weather History, The Earth, Passion and Faith

On today’s Storm Chasing, Ron Moore jr., from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to discuss weather history, the Earth, passion and faith. They started off talking about the 1925 Georgia hurricane, a recent earthquake and the Earth slowing its rotation. They continued about the spiritual significance of natural things, Ron’s book about George Washington Carver, and finding what we were created for. They added how most of us look outside of ourselves instead of inside. Ron then told us about his son Josh’s passion for beat-boxing. Also, how every broken thing in the world has an answer.

Next, they highlighted finding your passion, excellence and raw faith. They expounded about people of faith who tapped into the eternal, and they shared encouraging points from the book of Job. Finally, Ron told us about winter weather for December. Listen in and hear more about it.

Day Care Licensing Overrgulated

On today’s Justice for all, Josh Moore was in Session in Concord. Sitting in for the show was, Jennifer Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers Childcare and Preschool, and Lisa Schroder or Alpha-Bits Learning Center.

They started off talking about the stringent professional development requirements for day care providers. They also mentioned the new 150 page rule recommendations coming out, and how day care providers are troubled with not being able to make common sense decisions without having to ask permission.

Many of these providers are afraid to speak up for fear of being targeted  by DHHS during nit picky inspections. Jen and Lisa shared stories about their personal experiences with this. They agreed that often times it feels like they are being bullied when their infractions are discovered posted on the DHHS website without being told, and long after their inspection.

The conversation continued about how Block Grants threaten funding. Their goal is not to stir up trouble, but to come to an agreement for DHHS and inspectors to be accountable so providers have a say in the process before regulations are implemented. They’re asking other day care providers for Impact Statements to present to legislators. Listen in and hear more about it.


Education Appointments And Executive Orders

On today’s Justice For All Josh and Lori talked about some education bills and the bureaucracy of appointed officials. Josh shared how he doesn’t think appointments should happen. The conversation continued about the Constitution being the foundation of government decisions, and how there isn’t always accountability.  They discussed how the current “System” of government doesn’t always uphold the “Constitution”.

The recent hearing about Free Speech on campuses came up, and Josh shared how UNH came out against it. Students being kicked out of class or being arrested has become a problem. UNH’s argument was that there might be safety concerns. Understandable, in light of recent anarchist’s riots, and the inability for some people to know the difference between those and peaceful protests that result in destruction of property.

They continued with the Frank Edelblut being a candidate for the Education Commissioner appointment, and shared why they thought his qualifications would be beneficial. Finally, the talked about Presidential Executive Orders throughout history, and how current long-standing issues have been polarized in recent years. Listen in and hear more about it!

Education Bills and Bridging Cultural Divides

On Today’s Justice For All, Josh and Lori started off talking about Josh’s cruise adventures. The conversation shifted to the legislative sessions that began on Tuesday. Josh shared his education committee involvements, and the important testimonies on education bills HB207 and HB103. They contemplated over who was responsible to educated our children, parents or schools.

Josh shared the true meaning of Separation Of Church and State, and then gave a little history of the architect of the First Amendment, Fisher Ames. The continued discussing Martin Luther King Jr.’s overlooked perspectives, the importance of understanding cultural mindsets, and bridging cultural divides.

Listen in and hear more about it!

Unalienable Rights vs. Inalienable Rights

On today’s Justice for All Lori and Josh discussed the difference between “Unalienable Rights” and “Inalienable Rights.” They also talked about the Founding Father difference in wording about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They then contrasted England’s early history to control people’s rights vs. America’s Constitutional rights.
Caleb Dyer, state representative from Hudson, NH, called in to join the conversation to help differentiate how rights have various levels. He mentioned the Kent State Massacre of the 70’s and disputed Bernie Sander’s belief that healthcare was a universal right as being unconstitutional.
Finally, there was mention of internet coups, choosing not to participate in government systems and the laws that remove personal choice. Listen in to hear more about it!

Political Transitions and Helping The Poor

Lori & Josh kicked off today’s Justice for All talking about the work of a legislator to serve their constituents. They also discussed having accountability within their 2 year term to be re-elected.

Josh then shared about the appointees to the new Trump transition team. Lori  read about best practices from the Presidential Transition Guide, expounding on how important and difficult this process can be. 

They discussed a recent question asking about the perspective of the Founding Fathers vs Jesus perspective, especially when it comes to helping the poor. “The church is responsible to help poor”, Lori said.

Finally, Josh talked about new Republican leadership team in Concord, and working together to serve all the people.

New Bill to Repeal On-Board Diagnostics & Emissions Tests

fullsizerender17Today on Justice For All, Josh and Lori discussed the importance of protecting the little guy. They shared stories about their cars and friends cars that have been uninspectable due to On-Board Diagnostic emissions failure, among other things.

Josh expressed his anger about the standard, when several other states don’t have this level of requirements. He also talked about his new bill to repeal On-board Diagnostics and emissions testing. Tune in to hear more about it!