When You feel Like Giving Up

Today, on the Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Lori Lynn Greene from Alpha Advancement Strategies talked about When You Feel Like Giving Up. She started off telling us reasons why people give up, and how things don’t always turn out the way we think. She encouraged us to find out what we’re designed to do and align to it. She then differentiated between people who play life safe and rarely change, and people who take risks and have the faith it requires to have success.

Next, she told us we need both certainty and uncertainty in life, but we must to let God change us in moments we feel like giving up. She told us we’re not our feelings, but they’re a compass that tells us what we’re believing. She added the other side of rewards are regrets, and to realize we’re in training for the next thing when we feel like giving up.

She continued with a personal story of reentering the workforce dealing with insecurity and anxiety, and how she prayerfully got through it. She shared how we often think about what we have to do instead of what we want to do, but how learning to be grateful wherever God has us helps. She then told us of a woman who inspired her to live life on her terms when she felt is was too late. Finally, she encouraged us with how to empower ourselves when we feel like giving up. Listen in and hear more about it!

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The Good Life is Within Reach

Today, on The Good Life, Advancement Strategies, Coach Trainer and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene encouraged us how The Good Life is Within Reach. She started off talking about how she helps people identify and navigate obstacles to live more fulfilling lives. Then she told us five common hindrances she’s narrowed down to help her clients.

Next, she shared the importance of who we think we are, misconceptions we fall into, and knowing our true identity. She told us how to remove limitations, and be intentional about how we live to enjoy life. She also highlighted ways we give meaning to things, thinking bigger and self-talk, because The Good Life is Within Reach. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Why Are Your Here?

Today, on It’s A Wonderful Life, Coach, Speaker, and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major, joined Lori to discuss Why Are You Here? They started off talking about finding out what we’re passionate about, and what your optimal environment is to thrive. Then Marc told us people do what’s important to them.

Next, They highlighted how people will steal your dream if you let them, and how to get back up after disappointments. They added how to create habits for success, starting small, never quitting, paying the price, and enjoying the process. Finally, they told us about fulfillment and giving back. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Growing Relationships Like A Garden

Today, on It’s A Wonderful Life, Coach, Speaker, and Executive Director of The John Maxwell TeamMarc Major, joined Lori to discuss Growing Relationships Like a Garden. They started off talking about Christmas, learning who to treat people, and that giving gifts is not about us. They expounded about being present in the moment, listening, being real, and creating a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

Next, they talked about following the example of Christ, unconditional love, seeking truth and finding fulfillment in relationships. Marc told us the importance of good communication, and shared how to nurture different relationships. They also talked about being the kind of person people want to be with, and honoring God is how we relate. Listen in and hear more about it!


Why We Don’t Burn Bridges

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer, and Owner of AlphAdvancemnetStrategies.com shared about Why We Don’t Burn Bridges. Lori started off talking about where the expression comes from, and how our goal should be leaving relationships on good terms. She told us how burning a bridge could hurt our reputation, similar to how bigbox stores, Hollywood, and the NFL have burned theirs by purposefully coming against people groups who differ politically. Her point was to show that burning bridges can poison relationships.

Next, Lori admitted we need other people to fulfill God’s call on our life, and we want to be careful how we treat them along our journey. She highlighted four areas people burn bridges; when there’s a conflict, going in different directions, protecting loved ones, and having different ideas of doing things. She then told us God’s way of handling things, and the importance of doing what’s right for both parties. Finally, she shared how love covers a multitude, and encouraged us to own our part of any conflict as soon as possible. Listen in and hear more about it.


Life is Like Storm Chasing and Treasure Hunting

On today’s Storm chasing, Ron Moore Jr from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to talk about how life is like storm chasing. They started off on talking about weather pattern recognition, this August’s weather, and upcoming predictions. Ron also told us about The Storm Warning plans for future forecasts.

The conversation turned to “”Why are we here?” Also, how to hear God’s instruction, ask the right questions, and being willing to immerse ourselves in what God shows us and step out in faith.

Ron then told us how to cultivate this in our kids, and they discussed how education and application in the right area is what creates success. Ron told us success is cultural. He then shared about past storms to bring out history to expose holes in the Climate Change argument.

Next they talked about the difference between Climate Change and caring about the environment. Ron then told us about his former affiliation with Green Peace and The Audubon Society. He reminisced about when smog was a problem, and told us about his recycling business when he was younger. They they touched on the lies of Global cooling, CO2 sensors in Car Inspections, and the industry that has been built on it. Also, the poor people who are affected by it.

Finally, Lori shared the purpose of why we do the show, and Ron told us some history about Sir Isaac Newton, his use of Scriptures about hidden treasure, and removing distractions. Listen in and hear more about it.