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Experiencing The Kingdom Together In True Unity

Today, special guests Anthony Greve and Patty Bell joined Lori to discuss Experiencing The Kingdom In True Unity. They started off talking about Anthony’s testimony as a young believer and how he helped his brother. They added about the importance of being ready for God to use us.

Next, Anthony told us God is to be known experiencially. They added about true unity vs agendas, and how kingdom government is making Jesus first in our focus. Finally, Anthony told us nothing else satisfies like Jesus, and they asked the audience what the kingdom looks like on a person. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Recover Your Life With Evangelist Anthony Greve

Today, on Recovery Now, Evangelist Anthony Greve joined Lori to share about his story of joining a rock band. He told us he looked up to the band members and started touring as a musician. He then shared how he got into a party lifestyle of darkness. It started fun, but became a bondage when he couldn’t stop, and they added how Christian recovery has a larger rate of success because they deal with the spirit of a person.

Next, They added how being born again makes us a new creation, and how a renewed spirit helps us see sin. Lori shared how she came to know God, and how it’s about realizing we have a need beyond our natural ability. Finally, Anthony told us how he now travels to minister to people. Listen in and hear more about it!

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