Slowing Down To Move Faster

Today, on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene, shared about Slowing Down to Move Faster. She started off reminding of us of Life Lessons from last weeks show, and admitted her tendency is to move fast. She told us a lot of the fast pace we live is fear-driven, but we can learn to live from a different state.

Next, Lori clarified what slowing down doesn’t mean, and how it can mean we live, richer, fuller lives. She continued with a personal experiences to illustrate how easy we get caught up moving too fast. She then highlighted how have better awareness, be willing to take feedback, and develop patience to break negative habits. Finally, she encouraged us with how slowing down will help us move faster. Listen in and hear more about it!

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