It’s Okay to Grieve Your Disappointments

On today’s Recovery Now, Pastor Kathie Saari from Gates Recovery Center in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, joined Lori to discuss Grieving Disappointments. They started off talking about our hearts being hurt, disappointed or hopeless. Also, how real change comes from a heart change and not from modified behavior. Kathie continued about our God-given authority and testimony. Lori then shared about having the right perception of a loving Father who is good.

Next, they talked about Pastor Kathie’s recovery Coach Training. They then shared how  Jesus gave us authority not to stuff our pain. They then told us how people tend to stuff their feelings, but how God wants to heal us from them. “It’s okay to cry”, said Kathie. They added how healing comes from the inside-out, and told us we have permission to process our pain with God, and how to take responsibility for taking care of our spirit, soul and body. Finally, Pastor Kathie prayed for us not to fear. Listen in and hear more about it.

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