Never Alone: A Transformed Life

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Anita, David and Lori(Segment One) We were joined this morning by Anita Perry for Never Alone.  She and Lori started the segment by talking about transitional seasons and learning to be at rest.  They spoke about being content and about uncertainties in life.

(Segment Two) Anita introduced us to her guest David Alperovitz.  David told us about his time in the navy and photography school.  He shared about some of the challenges that he had experienced in life and we heard about an appreciation for life.  We also heard about the service that he is involved in within the church.


(Segment Three) In the final segment of the morning we heard about different upcoming ministries.  Anita told us about a prayer walk that she is involved in.  They talked about family and shared about the hope and encouragement that ministries can bring into lives.


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