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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Jennifer Lever has a passion for helping families who have been touched with addiction, because her own family understands this struggle. She will help listeners recognized the subtle signs of addiction to offer recovery alternatives as she invites guests who are involved in local recovery efforts.

Hope Homes

(Segment One) Jenn Lever guest hosted the show for the Recovery Now segment this morning.  She, along with Laura, Mike Caiaccia and Stefan Drzemiecki told us about the Hope Homes and how they came about.  They shared the interesting story about how it originated and became what it is now. (Segment Two) Mike gave us more […]

Finding Love in Recovery

(Segment One) Special Guest Host Jenn Lever and her guest Laura Coleman joined us for Recovery Now to talk to us about tough love.  She shared her own story about the matter and told us about the importance of asking the right questions.  Tune in to hear more. (Segment Two) Laura opened up with a letter dealing […]

Hope for Addicts

(Segment One) For the first segment of Recovery Now Jen Lever talked to us about the importance of connections.  She brought in Crystal Talbert Bissonnette, who is the coordinator for Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin.  She shared about her background and the origin of the walk.   (Segment Two) Crystal continued Recovery Now by bringing […]

Mother’s Stories with Laura Coleman

(Segment One) Jennifer Lever and Laura Coleman joined us for this week’s Recovery Now and discussed heroin addiction and the path to rehabilitation. Their focus was on addiction from a family’s perspective, as both have sons who struggled with heroin, and the tension between feelings of guilt and unconditional love. Tune in to hear more about […]