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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Jennifer Lever has a passion for helping families who have been touched with addiction, because her own family understands this struggle. She will help listeners recognized the subtle signs of addiction to offer recovery alternatives as she invites guests who are involved in local recovery efforts.

A Story of Redemption

(Segment One) Jenn Lever guest hosted Recovery Now this morning.  She was joined by regular Laura Coleman and guests Heidi Heredia and Marissa Furnanz.  Heidi told us her story about how her drug use started and transitioned into a heavy addiction.  She told us about her struggles and her attempt to hide the pain with […]

Recovery: A Story of Hope

(Segment One) We were joined by Jen Lever, Brandon Pacheco and Nate Fuller for Recovery Now.  Jen started by reminding us about a story that she shared in a previous segment.  We then heard from Brandon, who told us about his background that spiraled into an addiction to hard drugs.  He told us about when his […]

Overcoming Addictions

(Segment One ) Lori, Jenn and Laura joined us for Recovery Now and talked to us about helping people to think better about themselves.  They discussed the different personality types and the importance of being who you were created to be. (Segment Two) They continued where they left off by touching on Caroline Leaf’s seven […]

Journey from Drugs to Deliverance

(Segment One) Jenn, Lori and Laura talked to us the pains of addiction.  They talked about the importance of making wise decisions and Lori shared about the importance of family in this first segment of Recovery Now. (Segment Two) Jenn introduced her guest Robbie Lamatina.  Robbie told us his story, starting with his parents’ addiction to […]