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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Steve Gamlin takes his public speaking blend of humor and motivation to the airwaves in this engaging, real look at what really matters. He’ll share WHY people do what they do.

Prayer, Connection and Knowing Your Why

Anita and LoriWe heard from Anita Perry of the City Prayer Group for Never Alone.  She spoke to Lori about her first realization that God wants a relationship with her all of the time.  Lori talked about the Cinderella theory and Anita encouraged her listeners to find friends who they can bounce thoughts off of.  They emphasized the importance of prayer and we heard about the upcoming 10 Days of Prayer event.  We then talked to motivational guru Steve Gamlin for Engaging Your Why.  They discussed the plethora of excuses in life and spoke about knowing your why.  Tune in to hear all of the details.


Choosing What’s Right

Steve GamlinWe were joined this morning by Steve Gamlin The Motivational Firewood Guy for Engaging Your Why.  He spoke about little acts of kindness that make the world a better place.  Lori shared that we are either helping or hurting people, so why not help them?  Finally, they talked about leaving every situation better than you found it.

Finding Your Why

Steve GamlinWe were joined by Steve Gamlin for Engaging Your Why.  He spoke to us about finding out how to get ahead and bring others with you.  He shared that slow and steady wins the race and spoke about an article which shows why finding your why is important.  He and Lori talked about not caring about what other people think and more.  Listen in and learn.


Motivational Monday with Steve Gamlin

Lynn, Steve and LoriWe talked to Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood Guy, for the Good Life.  He, Lynn Nadeau and Lori started by discussing why Monday doesn’t have to be as bad as its reputation indicates that it is.  They then discussed the tv show Undercover Boss and we heard about developing an attitude of gratitude.  He shared that you need to know your ‘why’ in everything.  For more information about Steve click here.