The Focus of Communication

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Today on It’s A Wonderful life, Coach, Speaker, and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major, joined Lori to discuss The focus of Communication. They started off talking about taking a sincere interest in those we communicate with, and making sure both parties agree on what the communication will be. Marc told us it’s about adding value to others, getting to know them, and thinking about what’s in it for them.

Next, Marc shared about business communications, personal growth, and understanding what people need before engaging them. Lori added about misunderstandings about self-help books vs understanding the spirit of what is communicated. They told us how communication  is not just talking, but meeting people where they are and discerning their readiness to hear. Finally, they talked about how others communicate with us, and learning to look past how they do it. Listen in and hear more about it!

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