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The Good News For Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to share The Good News For Recovery. They started off in remembrance of the late Jason Hart. They highlighted two kingdoms, but told us the kingdom of God is where recovery is possible. Jen added how Jesus made things right for us and we can receive it to recover our life.

Next, they pointed out how the enemy tries to make us think we don’t have what God died for us to have. Also, how most of our problems are an identity crisis, but a revelation of what Jesus finished for us changes things. They then encouraged us not to try to help ourselves, but receive the free gift of righteousness.

They remembered Christians who died in the Sri Lanka church bombings, and made us aware that Christianity is being attacked. Finally, they encouraged us how to pray for loved ones dealing with addiction. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Good Samaritan Network an Spiritual Alignment

Today on Recovery Now, Jen Lever of Recovery Now joined Lori to discuss The Good Samaritan Network and Spiritual Alignment. They started off talking about Governor Sununu’s request from churches regarding their success in the recovery community. Jen then told us about The Samaritan Network, a Christ-centered network that understand the importance of the spiritual alignment that leads us to recovery.

Next, they discussed how the spirit affects the soul and the body, and how the conviction of truth overrides condemnation, because it’s really agreeing with what God says. They continued about retraining our brain for change. Then Jen shared how her son was scarred by being put in a closet when he was in elementary school. Finally, the told us how Jesus had peace in the storm, and righteous prayer accomplishes much. Listen in and hear more about it!

Healthy Community in Recovery

On today’s Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now, joined Lori to discuss Healthy Community in Recovery. They started off talking about how isolation can promote relapse in recovery. They discussed how community gives support and safety, so it’s importance to seek out sober-minded friends. They told us the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and challenged us to ask ourselves if we are healthy for people.

Next, they shared how a healthy community can help us engage in new healthy ways. They continued by warning not to be something we’re not, but to stick with what God has graced us to do so we don’t hinder someone’s recovery. Jen told us we can’t fix everybody, but we can plug them in with those who are called. Finally, they told us how a healthy community has a balance of encouragement and accountability, as well as, good clean fun. Listen in and hear more about it!

Recovery Now: Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviors

Jenn LeverLori and Lynn spoke to Jenn Lever, owner of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers, for Recovery Now.  They talked about signs that a loved one is using heavy drugs, before they discussed the thought patterns that lead to unhealthy behaviors.  They then shared about the benefits and blessings of rest.  Tune in to hear all about it.

Hector Andujar of Teen Challenge

IMG_5393In Lori’s absence, Anita Perry and Lynn Nadeau hosted the In It Together radio show.  They spoke to Hector Andujar of Teen Challenge for Never Alone.  They talked about the changing life influence of the Holy Spirit.  They spoke about Teen Challenge and the moment of salvation.  Hector told Anita and Lynn about the struggles that he faced in his life and they talked about good things coming out of negative circumstances.  Tune in to hear more.



Teen Challenge and an Answered Prayer

Andrew and ChrisLori spoke to Chris Toof and Andrew Mikols from Teen Challenge this morning for Recovery Now.  We heard about last night’s 10 Nights of Prayer meeting that took place at Teen Challenge and we heard Chris and Andrew’s stories about addiction and recovery.  They spoke about the responsibility of parents in the lives of their children and their experiences with Teen Challenge.  We were then joined by Rich Boisvert and Al Camarata of On Demand Staffing Solutions for Compassion in Action.  They gave us a rundown of both On Demand Staffing Solutions and their new men’s group.  Finally, we heard about a cry to God and an answer.  Tune in to hear all about it.