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When You feel Like Giving Up

Today, on the Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Lori Lynn Greene from Alpha Advancement Strategies talked about When You Feel Like Giving Up. She started off telling us reasons why people give up, and how things don’t always turn out the way we think. She encouraged us to find out what we’re designed to do and align to it. She then differentiated between people who play life safe and rarely change, and people who take risks and have the faith it requires to have success.

Next, she told us we need both certainty and uncertainty in life, but we must to let God change us in moments we feel like giving up. She told us we’re not our feelings, but they’re a compass that tells us what we’re believing. She added the other side of rewards are regrets, and to realize we’re in training for the next thing when we feel like giving up.

She continued with a personal story of reentering the workforce dealing with insecurity and anxiety, and how she prayerfully got through it. She shared how we often think about what we have to do instead of what we want to do, but how learning to be grateful wherever God has us helps. She then told us of a woman who inspired her to live life on her terms when she felt is was too late. Finally, she encouraged us with how to empower ourselves when we feel like giving up. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Personal Branding With Deo Mwano

Today, Speaker and Learning Consultant, Deo Mwano, joined Lori to discuss Personal Branding. Deo started off telling us some of his background with Competency Based Learning and working with a variety of students. He shared how he encourages them to identify skills, passions and identify what they care about. He also told us the two main parts of personal branding, Identity and Ownership, and how to translate them into intention and action.

Next, Deo highlighted the importance of skill development, being authentic, and practicing through experimentation. He added how this isn’t just about career, but also using our gifts and skills to help others, along with creating space, be intentional, and recognizing what drives us based on our priorities. Finally, he encouraged us to take risks, make emotional commitment to decisions and not underestimate the effectiveness of playfulness. Listen in and hear more about it!

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