The Good Life is Within Reach

Today, on The Good Life, Advancement Strategies, Coach Trainer and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene encouraged us how The Good Life is Within Reach. She started off talking about how she helps people identify and navigate obstacles to live more fulfilling lives. Then she told us five common hindrances she’s narrowed down to help her clients.

Next, she shared the importance of who we think we are, misconceptions we fall into, and knowing our true identity. She told us how to remove limitations, and be intentional about how we live to enjoy life. She also highlighted ways we give meaning to things, thinking bigger and self-talk, because The Good Life is Within Reach. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Finish Well By Programing Your Subconscious

On today’s It’s a Wonderful Life,  Coach, Speaker & Executive Director of The The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major, joined Lori to discuss how to finish well by programing your subconscious. They started off talking about how we often slack off from our goals during the holidays, and how programing our subconscious can help us finish well. They highlighted the importance of self-talk, having an sense of urgency and a specific vision. They also touched on the power of NOW, writing goals and having an abundant mindset.

Next, they discussed how we move in the direction of our most dominant thought, how to avoid missing opportunities, misconceptions about education vs experience and the importance of both. Marc told us about being proactive and preparing vs being reactive and repairing. Finally, they challenged us to consider how we would feel if we didn’t make our goals, if we made them or if we exceeded them. Listen in and hear more about it.