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The Making of In It Together

On today’s show Lori talked about the making of In It Together. She started off sharing about the unusual way the show started out in radio, how she co-hosted and guest hosted the Girard At Large show during her time at WLMW. She then told us about launching In It Together on WLMW and The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. She shared about the industry leaders she interviewed, and the fast jump from airing one day a week to five days a week.

Next, Lori told us about the past show anchors she had the pleasure of working with, how they met and what they talked about. Then she told us about being able to do interviews at the last presidential election on Radio Row at the Radisson in Manchester. She then highlighted the current anchors and how they are trying to make an  impact. Finally, Lori told us about the new expansion and renovations as they occupy the entire top floor above Jacques flower Shop, and their hopes of launching Good News New England this year, and adding video and written content. Listen in and hear more about it.


On Demand Staffing Solutions

Mary, Jenn and RichGuest Host Jenn Lever introduced Mary Chevalier for Compassion In Action.  Mary talked about the 1269 Cafe’s recent press in the Union Leader before handing it off to Rich Boisvert.  Rich told us about On Demand Staffing Solutions, which is an organization that is assisting 1269 in giving work to the needy.  We took a call from Girard at Large’s Rich Girard, who suggested that they get Mayor Gatsas involved.  Tune in to hear more.


Rich Girard – Candidate for School Board at-Large

12193645_709109625885685_3531791184471846572_nRich Girard joined us for the last segment of this week’s broadcast to discuss his campaign for School Board At Large.  He discussed Common Core and the effect school board decisions has had on his personal life as a parent.  Tune in to hear Rich’s opinion on Manchester’s school system and what should be changed.