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The Making of In It Together

On today’s show Lori talked about the making of In It Together. She started off sharing about the unusual way the show started out in radio, how she co-hosted and guest hosted the Girard At Large show during her time at WLMW. She then told us about launching In It Together on WLMW and The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. She shared about the industry leaders she interviewed, and the fast jump from airing one day a week to five days a week.

Next, Lori told us about the past show anchors she had the pleasure of working with, how they met and what they talked about. Then she told us about being able to do interviews at the last presidential election on Radio Row at the Radisson in Manchester. She then highlighted the current anchors and how they are trying to make an  impact. Finally, Lori told us about the new expansion and renovations as they occupy the entire top floor above Jacques flower Shop, and their hopes of launching Good News New England this year, and adding video and written content. Listen in and hear more about it.


Debunking Myths About Guns Part 2

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard from Defensive Strategies, joined Lori to further debunk myths about gun laws. They started off talking about police and guns, and Bob shared about a 1981 case Warren v. District of Columbia Metropolitan regarding how police “…assumes a duty only to the public at large and not to individual members of the community.”  They also talked about why they are debunking gun myths, to expose an agenda and to educate and empower people in their gun rights.

Next, they highlighted conceal carry laws, usage of the term weapon, which insinuates intent to harm, as opposed to firearm or gun language. They proceeded to debunk claims that gun registrations work, when, in fact, there is more evidence that it leads to confiscation. Bob gave statistics from around the world regarding crime doubling in some places that restrict guns.

The conversation continued to debunked the safety of restrictive gun laws and added it was more about government control. Bob shared some history on this and told us the Civil War was about gun confiscation. They then raised concerns about elected officials being excluded from the laws citizens must uphold, even to the point that they exempt themselves from prosecution. Finally, they talked about the NRA and ILA, the need for intervention in high crime areas, lies about common sense gun laws and the large number of people who still use firearms for hunting. Listen in and hear more about it.


Preventing Crime and Staying Safe

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies, and Marc Major joined Lori to talk about preventing crime and staying safe. They started off talking about the recent attack on an 18 year old woman leaving a Planet Fitness in Rochester, NH. They highlighted ways the incident could have been avoided. Bob used the new Wonder Woman movie to expound on training to defend ourselves against violence.

Next, Bob talked about the 4 Parts of a Crime: Selection, stalking, planning, and the crime itself. He showed us there are opportunities to prevent a crime. He also told us about upcoming classes to learn crime prevention, and noted that most people assume it will never happen to them.  They then discussed how being polite to perpetrators could be deadly, and how violence is sometimes necessary.

Lynn Nadeau called in to tell us her recent crime prevention story, and the discussion continued about creating space between you and possible perpetrators, also having a personal protection plan. Bob shared statistics of crime and told us home invasions were more likely than a home fire, yet we prepare for fire better. Finally, he told us the Ten Most Dangerous Cities in New Hampshire. Listen in and hear more about it.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life

On today’s Recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to talk about recovery for the brain. They started off talking about Dr. Daniel Amen’s book, Change Your Brain Change Your Life. Jen told us how she has been talking to local prosecutors and lawyers who see the same people in our current system. She also shared how we need to change our perspective about how we handle addiction.

Next, the conversation turned to a story in the book Dr. Amen shares about his nephew who was misdiagnosed. He found a cyst on his brain after a brain scan, and when he sought the medical community for treatment he got denied appropriate treatment several times. Jen plans to bring her son for a brain scan at Amen Clinic’s in two weeks.

They ladies shared about seeking God’s wisdom, using the example of how Jen started her research of the brain after praying to God.  She also told us about her other son, Joey’s brain bleed as a child, and how he still does exercises for his brain to keep it healthy. Finally, Jen told us how a friend, Lynn Nadeau, prayed for Joey and God gave her a vision that he would be alright. Listen in and hear more about it.

Passion Living, Severe Weather And Drought

On today’s Storm Chasing, Ron Moore Jr, from The Storm Warning, joined Guest Host, Lynn Nadeau on the show. They started off talking about historical weather books that have been lost, and historical storms that killed many people. He also expounded on the effects of wind using an example of canoeing at his lake house.

The conversation continued with Lynn and Ron discussing people who live without passion. They they shared their stories of finding their passion. Next, Ron told us about his trip to Washington DC and meeting David Barton from Wallbuilders. Also, how Elvis is one of the characters in his book, Storm Warriors: Saving A King, which highlights scientific truths in history about severe weather.

Ron brought up that since the Climate Change idea, many of the historical weather books are hard to find.  He also told us about transforming industry. Finally, Ron told us we may see a drought June 4-11, 2017 during his predicted monster weather event. Listen in and hear more about it.

Situational Awareness: Psychology Of A Perpetrator

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob, Lynn and Lori started off talking about Bob’s credentials working with FEMA and Homeland Security. Bob told us his original mission for Defensive Strategies was to help women learn to protect themselves. He also shared how 70% of women will experience a crime in their lifetime. They also shared what the Refuse To Be A Victim Class covers.

Next, the conversation went to avoiding situations at all costs. Bob told us education is vital for safety. The difference between training institutions was discussed showing Defensive strategies has more of a civilian defensive focus than other military and popular offensive training centers.

They then talked about how to respond in dangerous situations, and some of the tragic stories from the past couple years. Listen in and hear more about it.



Right To Work, Constitutional Carry and SCOTUS Nominee

On today’s Justice For All, Josh and Lori started off talking about Right To Work legislation. They defined the bill and how it would prevent workers from being forced to pay union dues in order to gain employment. They shared one argument on the idea behind the legislation was to draw more business to the state, and the various organizations who fund legislation from outside of the state. They then shared statistics to about manufacturing jobs the state has been losing, compared the subject to Prohibition and declared people have the right to work with the freedom not to pay union dues.

The subject of Constitutional Carry came up, as Josh explained we already have a week long background check process to go through. He felt they current licensing was. not only unconstitutional, but added unnecessary process. Lynn Nadeau, a firearms instructor with Defensive Strategies called in to tell us about the origins of NH Conceal Carry. She told us it was to prevent immigrants from  owning firearms, and that was discriminatory in nature.

Finally, Josh and Lori discussed the recent SCOTUS Nominee by President Donald Trump. He would replace recently deceased Justice Scalia. Lori read part of Neil Gorsuch’s appointment acceptance speech. then Josh talked about the Judicial Branch’s responsibilities. Listen in and hear more about it!