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The Making of In It Together

On today’s show Lori talked about the making of In It Together. She started off sharing about the unusual way the show started out in radio, how she co-hosted and guest hosted the Girard At Large show during her time at WLMW. She then told us about launching In It Together on WLMW and The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. She shared about the industry leaders she interviewed, and the fast jump from airing one day a week to five days a week.

Next, Lori told us about the past show anchors she had the pleasure of working with, how they met and what they talked about. Then she told us about being able to do interviews at the last presidential election on Radio Row at the Radisson in Manchester. She then highlighted the current anchors and how they are trying to make an  impact. Finally, Lori told us about the new expansion and renovations as they occupy the entire top floor above Jacques flower Shop, and their hopes of launching Good News New England this year, and adding video and written content. Listen in and hear more about it.


1269 Cafe: Caring for the Homeless

Rai and MaryRai Chevalier, son of the founders of 1269 Cafe came on the show to share a teenager’s perspective of what goes on at the cafe’. He talks about the stigma behind how people see those who are homeless. Rai also gave us a story about how 1269 turned into what it is today.  Brent Clark, a regular volunteer at 1269 Cafe, shared about his experiences at the cafe and talked about his growth as a volunteer and active helper of the homeless, as Jeff Boutin hosted the segment.  In the final segment, Susan Foss talked about how she and her family first came into contact with the Cafe through the loss of her son and learned that he was a frequent guest. She also found out how they took care of him. Tune in to hear this touching story.

JPB Financial and Evnoy Mortgage

Jeff and AdamIn the absence of the Moore family, Lori spoke to Jeff Boutin, former Anchor of Business Beat.  We heard about the New Hampshire Christian Business Network, and they introduced us to Adam Cote, who is part of the Concord chapter of the network.  Jeff told us about his work as a financial planner for JPB Financial and shared the importance and benefits of giving.  Finally, we heard more from Adam of Envoy Mortgage.  He gave us some of the details of his personal life and he talked about the world of mortgage.

Sharing in the Marketplace

(Segment One) marketplaceJeff Boutin hosted this Friday’s show and brought in his guest Gerald, more popularly known as Trip, who talked about sharing about his faith with people in the marketplace, and later shared about how to get involved.  Tune in to hear more about being bold.

Brent Clark: Compassion in Action

(Segment Two) th (1)Mary Chevalier of 1269 Cafe came in for this week’s Compassion in Action, bringing in Brent Clark, a regular volunteer at the cafe.  He shared about his experiences at the cafe and talked about his growth as a volunteer and active helper of the homeless. Tune in to hear about his story.

Jeff Boutin – JPB Financial

IMG_4138Jeff Boutin of the New Hampshire Christian Business Network  joined us for this week’s Business Beat to talk about the uniqueness of his own line of work as a Christian financial planner.  He explained the details of his line of work and the different areas he attends to. Lori encourages listeners not to fear mistakes they made with finances, but asking someone like Jeff for help is better for their future planning. Tune in to hear about the experiences that turned Jeff into the man he is today.

Business and Advancement Strategy

strategy(Segment Three) Jeff Boutin from the New Hampshire Christian Business Network joined us for this week’s Business Beat and started off the discussion by asking questions about Lori’s her work outside of radio as an Advancement Strategist.  Lori gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how she gets the the heart of the issue and how she is able to effectively help people find clarity in circumstances.  Tune in to hear Lori’s responses!

NHCBN is Back!

be350142-73fb-47c9-b179-5aca7c78797aJeff Boutin of New Hampshire Christian Business Network came in for Business Beat to talk about the history of the network and the heart behind the organization. Tune in to hear about living compassionately in the world of business.