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The Making of In It Together

On today’s show Lori talked about the making of In It Together. She started off sharing about the unusual way the show started out in radio, how she co-hosted and guest hosted the Girard At Large show during her time at WLMW. She then told us about launching In It Together on WLMW and The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. She shared about the industry leaders she interviewed, and the fast jump from airing one day a week to five days a week.

Next, Lori told us about the past show anchors she had the pleasure of working with, how they met and what they talked about. Then she told us about being able to do interviews at the last presidential election on Radio Row at the Radisson in Manchester. She then highlighted the current anchors and how they are trying to make an  impact. Finally, Lori told us about the new expansion and renovations as they occupy the entire top floor above Jacques flower Shop, and their hopes of launching Good News New England this year, and adding video and written content. Listen in and hear more about it.


Workplace and Employee Security

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies, joined Lori to discuss Workplace and Employee Security. They started off talking about Risk assessment at work, including corporations and mom and pop establishments. He told us some can have higher risks than others, and added how to involve employees in these risk assessments.

Next, Bob shared about risk vs consequences: high risk low consequence and low risk high consequence.  Lori challenged Bob to give an assessment on the radio station. He differentiated In It Together Vs Breitbart who talks about more controversial topics, and he told us the location of the business also determines the risk. They highlighted that no business is immune to risks, however different.

Then Bob shared how he approaches assessing companies. He told us about access control, the importance of limiting who can get into the building, and how corporate security starts with employees.  Listen in and hear more about it.

Taking Time Away

Lynn and LoriLori was joined by Lynn this morning for Good Life.  They talked about taking time away.  We heard from them about being too dragged down by picking up too much of what life throws at you.  Lori shared that our brains are designed to self-regulate and stay disciplined and they talked about taking time to get away.  Tune in to hear more.


Know Your Limitations

Lori GreeneLori talked to us about knowing our limitations in the Good Life segment.  She pointed out the benefits of knowing your limitations as well as being able to operate well in whatever arena you are called to.  “It comes down to knowing who you are,” she told us.  She talked about the various personalities and pointed out that it’s useful to be friends with those who are unlike you.

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Smart Goal PicLori and Lynn opened the week up with Good Life.  They discussed SMART goals and talked about the setting of goals and having deadlines.  They talked about networking and pointed out what to do and, just as importantly, what not to do.  Tune in for all of the details.


Community and Connection in the Christmas Season

Lynn and LoriLori and Lynn talked to us about the importance of community and connection.  They talked about commercialism around Christmas and ‘Holiday Season Isolation.’  They gave tips on how to improve your life at this time of year, which included knowing that you’re not alone and making the most of your current situation.  Tune in to hear more.


What Money Cannot Buy

Lynn and LoriLori and Lynn talked to us about what money can’t buy for Good Life.  They shared about knowing what your purpose is and they gave a list of positive things that you can get without spending a dime.  Tune in to hear more!


Six Human Needs

Lynn and LoriLori and Lynn started by talking about knowing each other’s place in the world.  They then transitioned over to Tony Robbins‘ Six Human Needs.  Lori even made her own alteration to it!  Tune in to hear how to make your life a Good Life!