Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene, shared about Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness. She started off talking about how to avoid other people’s expectations, and not to allow fear to steal our happiness. She then told us we’re responsible for our own happiness, and how to recognize negative patterns in our life that hinder it.

Next, Lori shared areas of her life she had to take responsibility for what she allowed, and how she learned to say no. She highlighted reasons why we don’t take responsibility, and other lies we tell ourselves. She told us what to pay attention to experience greater fulfillment. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Encouraging People To Be Their Best

Today, on It’s A Wonderful life, Coach Speaker, and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major joined Lori to discuss Encouraging People To Be Their Best. They started off talking about the importance of personal growth, and how we are all able to coach at our certain level of success.

Next, they talked about setting expectations for your people, clarifying roles, identifying if their the right fit. Also, leading them well by knowing them , and discerning the best way to deal with others. Finally, they talked about having the tough conversations, and being willing to develop as a leader.

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Thriving Under Pressure

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer, and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene shared about Thriving Under Pressure. She started off talking about how diamonds are made under pressure and they end up very strong. She also told us to think about pressure as a good thing instead not allowing it to become stress. Also, to focus our energy on solutions from the word of God.

Next, Lori told us to take our power back and not to allow ourselves to be under pressure. She told us being conscious how we respond to pressure is our choice. We’ll either see it optimistically or pessimistically, so we can identify the cause and deal with it. She then highlighted the difference between internal and external pressure. Finally, she told us to develop mental toughness and emotional stability. Listen in and hear more about it!