Rising Above Apathy

Today on The Good life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer, and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene, discussed Rising Above Apathy. She started off talking about how apathy can hold us back in life, because it’s a state we choose live in. She then quoted Dr. Leon F Seltzer Ph.D from The Curse of Apathy, telling us if we let apathy go on too long it might become depression. She continued sharing a story of how Tony Robbins helped a Stuttering Man after many years.

Next, Lori told of how apathy drained her energy, and made everything more difficult in her life. She added how she learned how Gods word transformed her mind and broke the cycle where she could become successful at many things. She offered us insights to avoid apathy and recognize what might be holding us back. Finally, she shared how we can reprogram our minds to rise above apathy. Listen in and hear more about it!



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