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Big Blizzards, Unique Hurricanes and A Dialog with God

Ron Moore(Segment One) We talked to Ron Moore this morning for Storm Chasing.  Ron joined us to tell us about past weather issues.  He spoke about a big blizzard that took place in 1935.  He shared with us about his chase adventures and more!


(Segment Two) Ron was with us for a second segment.  He started by talking about hurricanes.  He shared about the Great New England Hurricane.  He pointed out the importance of planning for the weather.  He told us about the first January hurricane before he talked to us about some influential figures from history, including George Washington Carver.  Tune in to hear all about it.


Invaded By Love

Anita, Raul and Lori(Segment One) Lori talked to Anita Perry for Never Alone this morning.  They talked about the differences between existing and being fully alive.  They shared about what happens when you trust God.  Lori told us about the change that occurred in her life when she met the Lord.



(Segment Two) Lori and Anita introduced us to their guest Evangelist Raul Dominguez.  He shared about his life and spoke about life before Christ.  We heard about the transformation that occurred once he met the Lord.  Tune in to hear his story.


(Segment Three) We continued with Raul Dominguez.  We heard that you can’t change yourself.  “We can change behavior, but we can’t change a heart,” Lori told us.  He talked to us about his stay in prison and the effects of his new-found conviction.  He told us about his dream to have a pitbull.  They talked about the upcoming move at the 1269 Cafe and ended the show by telling us that God is waiting for His people.  Tune in and be encouraged.


Faith and Recovery

Kriss and Jenn(Segment One) We were joined this morning by Jenn Lever and Kriss Blevens for Recovery Now.  Kriss shared about her life story before she told us about her daughter, who was a victim of the heroin epidemic.  “Discipline is part of recovery,” Kriss told us.

(Segment Two) Jenn, Kriss and Lori continued where they left off.  They talked about activation through faith.  They then shared about having hope for recovery.  “Fake it till you make it,” Kriss said concerning growing faith.  Tune in to this segment and be encouraged!


Senator Clegg on Violent Crimes, HB 582 and More

Lynn, Lori, Bob and Bob(Segment One) We were joined this morning by Lynn Nadeau, Bob Boilard and Senator Bob Clegg for Personal Safety.  They started by talking about the rise in violent crime, specifically talking about San Bernadino and the sixty-five year old woman who shot her would-be robber in Manchester.  They spoke about situational awareness and the importance of it.  They then talked about President Obama’s speech concerning firearms.


(Segment Two) Bob talked to us about House Bill 582, which is the constitutional carry bill.  Senator Clegg then told us his thoughts about the definition of ‘suitable.’  They talked about the definition of H.B. 582 and shared about the steps taken to get the bill enacted.


(Segment Three) Lori started the final segment by talking to us about the differences between executive actions and executive orders.  They talked about what the President is trying to do.  They moved topics and talked about recent happenings with Mexican drug lord El Chapo.  They discussed drug issues and immigration.  Tune in to hear all about it.


Taking Time Away

Lynn and LoriLori was joined by Lynn this morning for Good Life.  They talked about taking time away.  We heard from them about being too dragged down by picking up too much of what life throws at you.  Lori shared that our brains are designed to self-regulate and stay disciplined and they talked about taking time to get away.  Tune in to hear more.