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Working Smart and Hard

“We think about the work instead of the goal.”  Lori and Lynn, this morning for Good Life, discussed the importance of giving your very best and the importance of having a right focus.  They shared about working smarter AND harder and how they fit together.  Tune in to hear all about it.

Business and Advancement Strategy

(Segment Three) Jeff Boutin from the New Hampshire Christian Business Network joined us for this week’s Business Beat and started off the discussion by asking questions about Lori’s her work outside of radio as an Advancement Strategist.  Lori gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how she gets the the heart of the issue and how […]

Savannah of Roca Kidz Club

(Segment One) Jenn Hebert joined us with 17-year-old Savannah Claver to talk about volunteer work in the inner city through Roca Kidz Club. They discussed the family life and culture of youth in the city before Savannah shared personal stories of transformation. Tune in to hear more of what’s happening with youth in the city! […]

Mother’s Stories with Laura Coleman

(Segment One) Jennifer Lever and Laura Coleman joined us for this week’s Recovery Now and discussed heroin addiction and the path to rehabilitation. Their focus was on addiction from a family’s perspective, as both have sons who struggled with heroin, and the tension between feelings of guilt and unconditional love. Tune in to hear more about […]

Psychology of a Criminal

(Segment One) Bob Boilard joined us this morning to teach us about Personal Safety!  In this segment, Lori lead the conversation towards the psychology of criminals, and then Bob gave advice on how women can reduce potential victimization after giving an intense statistic.  Tune in to hear more! (Segment Two) Bob resumed the conversation by giving us advice […]