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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

A good life is more than just making a living; it’s making the life you want. This segment will help listeners identify and eliminate challenges that hinder their success in the eight areas that use our time: Home & Family, Career, Health, Growth & Learning, Spirituality, Finances, Friends, and Fun. Lori will offer helpful insights to inspire listeners to make positive changes and design a life worth living.

Taking the Fear Out of Insurance

Alice YoungLori and Lynn were joined this morning by Alice Young, Health Insurance Professional with Paige Insurance for the Good Life segment.  They delved into the topic of health insurance, commenting on preferred rates, Obamacare, the cost of premiums and more.  Tune in to hear all about it!

Being in Control of Your Life and the Great Joy School for Worship Dance

Celeste MassonLori spoke this morning to motivational guru Steve Gamlin for the Good Life segment.  Steve talked about speaking engagements and he pointed out the power of the pause.  He shared about being in control of your life and finding out what success means for you, before Celeste Masson of the Great Joy School for Worship Dance came to the microphone for Getting Strong.  She talked about the acquisition of a new building, fall classes and the recent dance camp.  Tune in to hear all about it.Steve Gamlin


Entering Into the Rest of God and Knowing Your Carbs

Paul and LoriLori and Lynn spoke about entering into the rest of God for this morning’s Good Life segment.  Lynn shared about Biblical rest and they discussed our God-given inheritance.  They talked about living freely and moving in the rhythms of grace, before Paul Jamilkowski came to the microphone for Getting Strong.  Paul talked to the listeners about the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs.  Tune in to hear all about it!

God’s Timing, Letting Go & Why You Can’t Afford To Not Exercise

Lori and LynnLori and her sidekick Lynn returned after their extended vacation!  They told the listeners about what has been keeping them busy.  They then switched gears and opened up about God’s timing and the importance of being aware of it for the Good Life segment.  They also talked about letting go and allowing God to open new doors that are more in tune with God’s purpose for your life.  They then heard from Paul Jamilkowski of PJam Fitness, who shared about the importance of exercise and why you can’t afford to avoid it for Getting Strong.  Tune in for all of the details.

Paul Jamilkowski

Moving Forward and Body Weight Exercises

Lori and LynnLori and Lynn talked about moving forward for the Good Life segment.  They shared about God-given passions, knowing our purpose in life and the best connection that you have in your life.  They then talked about changing your behavior.  Finally Paul Jamilkowski of PJam Fitness came to the mic to speak about body weight exercises without the use of equipment for Getting Strong.  Tune in to get all of the details!