Breaking Negative Patterns

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Coach Trainer, and Owner of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Lori Lynn Greene, talked about Breaking Negative Patterns. She started off telling us how she’s helped some of her clients break negative patterns, and how “Every negative pattern has its root in some belief in limitation.” (Suzanne Hosang) She added where these patterns come from, how to understanding them, and the belief we form about them.

Next, Lori told us how she breaks negative patterns in her life, and offered ways to recognize them in our own lives. She then encouraged us to see them as lessons to learn or tests to pass. Also, how she got the victory over the fear of death. Finally, she highlighted how to break negative patterns by paying attention, reengaging, hiring a coach, and learning what God says about us. Listen in and hear more about it!

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