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Training Leaders

Today, on It’s A Wonderful Life, Coach, Speaker and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Marc Major, joined Lori to discuss Training Leaders. Marc started off telling us “If it’s lonely at the top you’re doing it wrong.” Lori calls it the Martyr Syndrome, and Marc told us the most important person to lead is you.

Next, they highlighted having a heart to lead people, the right motives, and types of leaders. The continued about taking responsibility is the first sign of a leader. Also, The Three E’s of Leadership are: Environment, Equipping and Exposure. Finally, they told us “Great leadership training isn’t creating followers, but developing other leaders.” Listen in and hear more about it!

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Hope Beyond Pornography

Today, on our Come Together Community show, Rick Kardos from The Nathan Project joined Lori to discuss Hope Beyond Pornography. They stared talking about the impact of pornography in a hyper-sexualized society, and the victims affected. Rick then told us some of his story, how is affected his family. He also shared how he ended up starting The Nathan Project.

Next, they talked us about those caught up in pornography due to father wounds, and the redeeming power in Christ that brings healing freedom. Rick told us how he trains leaders and oversees groups for men, while his wife Vicki holds support groups for women. Finally, Rick shared survey results of how society downplays the severity of the affects of pornography. Listen in and hear more about it!

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