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The Good News For Recovery

Today, on Recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to share The Good News For Recovery. They started off in remembrance of the late Jason Hart. They highlighted two kingdoms, but told us the kingdom of God is where recovery is possible. Jen added how Jesus made things right for us and we can receive it to recover our life.

Next, they pointed out how the enemy tries to make us think we don’t have what God died for us to have. Also, how most of our problems are an identity crisis, but a revelation of what Jesus finished for us changes things. They then encouraged us not to try to help ourselves, but receive the free gift of righteousness.

They remembered Christians who died in the Sri Lanka church bombings, and made us aware that Christianity is being attacked. Finally, they encouraged us how to pray for loved ones dealing with addiction. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Spiritual Recovery From The Good News

On today’s Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now, joined Lori to discuss Spiritual Recovery From The Good News. They started off talking about ignorance of the truth and recovering back to our original design. They added about how many neglect the spiritual aspect of recovery, and how some people feel they need to pay for their mistakes when Jesus already paid. Jen then encouraged us to “get people help instead of shaming them”, and Lori said “The problem is believing we’re separated from God.”

Next, they talked about The Good News! “Stop perverting the truth and be a light in our own lives first”, said Lori, as she described how we are made in God’s image and likeness, God is Love, and as He is so are we in this world. They illustrated David’s heart after God and how he handled mistakes with humility and worship to God. Finally, they encouraged us to get back to simplicity and knowing God’s ways. Listen in and hear more about it!