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When You feel Like Giving Up

Today, on the Good Life, Advancement Strategist, Lori Lynn Greene from Alpha Advancement Strategies talked about When You Feel Like Giving Up. She started off telling us reasons why people give up, and how things don’t always turn out the way we think. She encouraged us to find out what we’re designed to do and align to it. She then differentiated between people who play life safe and rarely change, and people who take risks and have the faith it requires to have success.

Next, she told us we need both certainty and uncertainty in life, but we must to let God change us in moments we feel like giving up. She told us we’re not our feelings, but they’re a compass that tells us what we’re believing. She added the other side of rewards are regrets, and to realize we’re in training for the next thing when we feel like giving up.

She continued with a personal story of reentering the workforce dealing with insecurity and anxiety, and how she prayerfully got through it. She shared how we often think about what we have to do instead of what we want to do, but how learning to be grateful wherever God has us helps. She then told us of a woman who inspired her to live life on her terms when she felt is was too late. Finally, she encouraged us with how to empower ourselves when we feel like giving up. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Letting Go Of The Past

Today on The Good Life, Advancement Strategist and Coach Trainer from  www.AlphaAdvancementStrategies.com, Lori Lynn Greene, shared about letting Go of the past. She started off telling us how we can feel stuck due to unresolved issues, and how we need to recognize our need of God. She shared how we can replay our past. She shared a personal testimony of a near death experience, and the power of forgiveness.

Next, Lori highlighted some ares we struggle letting go of; regret, guilt, trauma, loss, rejection, mistakes, broken relationships, etc. Then she told us maturing in love can help us let go of our past. She also told us our value is not based on what we’ve done, or haven’t done, or what others have done or not done for us, but what God says about us. She encouraged us we can be free from our past, however difficult, if we can learn the lesson in the pain, and give things a new meaning. Listen in and hear more about it!