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Pornography, Violence & Intimacy with Rick Kardos

Today, Rick Kardos from The Nathan Project joined Lori to discuss Pornography, Violence & Intimacy. They started off talking about how culture tends to rationalize and minimize pornography. Also, how a picture is a thousand words that stays with us longer, and similar to cocaine, changes our brain.

Next, Rick shared how beliefs and behaviors are associated with pornography addiction, resulting in solo sex. Then he addressed parents, giving examples of how violence, rape and bullying are too widely accepted. He then added about poor role models and other risk factors. Finally, he told us how his wife helps women through the painful process of being married or divorced from a man with pornography addiction. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Hope Beyond Pornography

Today, on our Come Together Community show, Rick Kardos from The Nathan Project joined Lori to discuss Hope Beyond Pornography. They stared talking about the impact of pornography in a hyper-sexualized society, and the victims affected. Rick then told us some of his story, how is affected his family. He also shared how he ended up starting The Nathan Project.

Next, they talked us about those caught up in pornography due to father wounds, and the redeeming power in Christ that brings healing freedom. Rick told us how he trains leaders and oversees groups for men, while his wife Vicki holds support groups for women. Finally, Rick shared survey results of how society downplays the severity of the affects of pornography. Listen in and hear more about it!

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Anthony Greve From Rocker to Evangelist

On today’s Recovery Now, Jen Lever and special guest, Anthony Greve, joined Lori to discuss Anthony Greve From Rocker to Evangelist. They started off talking about Anthony growing up in Turkey, exposed to the Islamic faith. He told us about his supportive parents, their divorce and learning to play guitar at the age of eleven. He continued with his teen years, smoking weed and looking at porn, and his passion to start a rock band, which eventually got him touring with popular bands, getting on the radio and having a number one hit.

Next, Anthony told us how his dreams came true. He had fame and success, but was drinking and dealing with anger. He highlighted the culture of a rock star and it’s rebellious nature, and how he called his mom crying at a low point where he was being watched for being suicidal. He added on two occasions he had a teacher and minister share the gospel with him and the powerful transformation of God washing from his sins in a bathtub. Listen in and hear more about it!

Understanding Domestic Violence

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies joined Lori to discuss domestic violence. They started off talking about the common signs of abuse and the control associated with it. They also discussed how it’s more than just physical abuse. Abusers can also destroy property, intimidate or embarrass their victims. Bob then told us about the high percentage of police who are abusers due to the nature of their work.

Next, Bob shared who is doing the abusing. He told us about elder abuse, abuse from former spouses or partners, parents and even women who abuse men. He added how abusers often harm their victims physically, sexually, emotionally, economically and psychologically. Further data was given from the CDC about female homicides being related to domestic violence. Also, based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Bob then told us that abusers believe they have the right to control and restrict their partners, and might even like overpowering them to feel significant. Lynn Nadeau called in to ask if there may be a link between pornography and domestic violence.  Finally, Bob shared questions to ask someone you think may be a victim of domestic violence. Listen in and hear more about it!

Internet Safety, Wannacry Ransomwear & Digital Footprints

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies, LLC. and I4Market, LLC. joined Lori to discuss Internet Safety.  They started off talking about the largest Wannacry Ransomewear attack in history, and how it hit the infrastructure of banks and hospitals. Bob told us how it primarily affected Microsoft Windows machines, and began to explain how opening a website, email or anything can infect your computer. He also told us about the importance of backing up your files, and offered suggestions about Malware and Antivirus protection for our computers.

The conversation continued about how servers collect your digital footprint, and how cookies are stored on our computers. He then elaborated about proxy computers that use different IP addresses that make it difficult to identify where an attack is coming from.

Finally, they talked about the dangers of illegal distribution of inappropriate photos on social media, texting and the internet by teenagers, and how it’s a federal crime punishable by law as pornography. Listen in and hear more about it.